Ikea Richmond Bistro

We stopped at the Ikea Bistro in Richmond for a quick bite.  This was our first time eating here.

The bistro was very brightly lit, with lots of big windows, thus allowing lots of sunlight in.  It was a cafeteria type setting where you help yourself to desserts that are located in mini fridges.  Hot foods are ordered to the “cook” and they’ll scoop out your order from a heated basin.  Salads, biscuits, croissants are located after and are self-serve also buffet style (no refills tho!).  Drinks are located off to the side, and it’s fountain type.  You get your cup from the cashier.

Ikea Bistro: Swedish Meatballs

We ordered the Swedish Meatballs to share between the two of us.  It was served with fries and gravy, plus lingonberry sauce.  It was less spiced than other meatballs I’ve tried, but it wasn’t at all bland.  They were perfect little sizes that are about 2-bites each.  10 meatballs cost about $6.  It was enough for both of us as we weren’t that hungry.

Ikea Bistro: Lingonberry Cheesecake

I was enticed by there Lingonberry Cheesecake.  This was $1.99.  This tasted alright.  It wasn’t as cheesy as I would’ve liked my cheesecake to be.  It also didn’t really show off what lingonberry tastes like.  I’m still trying to find out.

This was still a nice quick lunch though.  I would definitely come back for the meatballs.

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  1. Ikea Swedish Meatballs….AWESOME! They also sell them in a frozen bag at Ikea. Perfect for throwing into a pasta dish!

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