Kari House Restaurant

Kari House

Kari House

Kari House is a malaysian restaurant in Steveston Village.  It was quite packed when we visited, but then it WAS a Friday night so not surprising.  We were promptly seated even though we did not make reservations.  The restaurant’s location is quite near the end of the whole Steveston deck housing the restaurants, so there was good view of the river (Fraser River?).

Kari House Restaurant: Wonton Goreng

We started with an appetizer of Wonton Goreng, which is basically deep fried wontons.  It was served with a chili plum sauce.  It costs $4.95 for 8 pieces.

It was not bad, but nothing to call home about.  Typically deep-fried food.  I personally wouldn’t have ordered it but the Boyfriend wanted it.  He always wants the caucasian-asian foods.

Kari House Restaurant: Char Tang Hoon

For my entree, I picked a noodle dish which I’ve never had before.  We like to do that sometimes when we’re feeling adventurous, and this was one of those nights.  My pick was called Char Tang Hoon.  It’s described as “Stir fried glass noodles with chicken & vegetables in sweet chili sauce“.  It was quite unique as I’ve never had it before.  The sauce however tasted just like how I would expect Pad Thai would taste.  It was just the type of noodles used that was different.  This dish cost $9.95.

Kari House Restaurant: Kari Tom-Yam

The Boyfriend had a the Kari Tom-Yam, a “Thai-style tom-yam curry with coconut milk & lemon grass”.  It cost $12.95.  Again, nothing to call home about.    It wasn’t too spicy though which was good.  I didn’t like however the fact that these curry dishes don’t come with rice.  How were they intending for us to eat it?  By the spoonful like a soup?  That I wasn’t too happy about.

We each also ordered a drink.  Again…nothing special.  It was however a nice restaurant to try out, we didn’t regret going, however, it may be one of our last choices to revisit.

Kari House Restaurant

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