World Wrapps @ Alderwood Mall – CLOSED

We didn’t get out of our relatives house until around 1pm that day, so we were starving.  We planned to eat at the food court but I saw World Wrapps at the outer Village part of the mall, and I couldn’t take my hunger anymore.

World Wrapps

World Wrapps

The inner decor was very festive and caribbean-like.  Even though it was a cloudy day, the interior was still very brightly lit.

World Wrapps: Thai Chicken Wrap

Like most places, they use tin foil to wrap their wraps so it can be peeled away as needed.

World Wrapps: Thai Chicken Wrap

I ordered the Thai Chicken Wrap.  It has grilled chicken, thai peanut sauce, jasmine rice, ginger slaw (really good), cucumbers, green onions and sesame seeds in a spinach tortilla.  As you can see this thing is FILLED, which was probably the primary reason why I couldn’t have the Shrimp Fest later that day.

It was REALLY REALLY good, but it cost me $6.90USD, which was about $10CAD!!!!!  Oh well…what’s done is done…

World Wrapps: Argentina Steak Wrap

Boyfriend had the Argentina Steak Wrap, which has sirloin steak, spanish rice, chopped romaine, tomato, and “authentic Chimichurri Sauce” in a tomato tortilla.  It was slightly too spicy for me…my wrap was better~

There were big chunks of steak pieces in there though, and it was good also.

World Wrapps Alderwood on Urbanspoon


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