Le Bonbon Cheesecake Cafe – CLOSED

Update Oct 13, 2009: This shop has since closed down 😦

Le Bonbon Cafe is my current favorite bakery to get cheesecake from.  The owner bakes the cheesecakes herself and it is one of the most flavorful cheesecakes I’ve ever tasted, even better than Cheesecake, Etc.

Le Bonbon Cafe: Green Tea Cheesecake

Boyfriend bought me three slices as a surprise.  A good one indeed.  This one is the Green tea.

I didn’t like it.  There was hardly any Green tea flavor.  In fact, it tasted more like lemon lime or something.  The color looks a bit too bright for Green tea too.  Perhaps cheesecake wasn’t meant to have Green tea flavor because of the natural sourness of the cheese.

Also, this flavor tended to melt rather easily.  It was starting to look like guacamole.

Le Bonbon Cafe: Tres Chocolat and Original NY Style Cheesecake

Now these ones were better. On the left is the Tres Chocolat.  It has a milk chocolate bottom and a white chocolate top.  This was very good as it had just the right amount of chocolate flavor that’s noticeable.

On the right is my personal all-time favorite: Original NY Style Cheesecake.  This had got to be the creamiest and fluffy cheesecake ever.  I love it.

Le Bonbon also serves assorted organic coffees and homemade sandwiches.

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  1. […] felt it was a bit expensive.  Total came to $20 for the both of us.  I would probably go back to Le Bonbon Cafe if I felt like a cheesecake fix.  But this place closes pretty late (11pm weeknights, 12pm […]

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