Farmer’s Popcorn Cob

Farmer's Popcorn Cob

Farmer's Popcorn Cob

This was another souvenir my sister brought for me from Georgia.

Farmer's Popcorn Cob

What it is is a cob of popcorn kernels that you stick straight into the microwave as is.  It looks cool huh?

Farmer's Popcorn Cob

According to the instructions, I need to place the whole cob into the special popping bag and fold it close.  Then I just pop it in the microwave like any old microwave popcorn.

As with other products of the same nature, you basically keep it popping until there’s a 2-3 second gap between pops.  Then you should probably end it so you don’t get scorched kernels and an awful smell throughout your house.

Farmer's Popcorn Cob

This has no other flavors added so you can either enjoy it as is or add butter and/or salt.  I just added a bit of salt to mine and it tasted great and fresh.  The popcorn by itself was very flavorful also.

Farmer's Popcorn Cob

I was a bit sad that it looked like a lot of the kernels didn’t get popped, always thinking I should’ve left it popping a while longer.  However I didn’t want the burnt smell so I’m always very cautious at stopping the popping process.  It was kind of sad~


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