Sweety Pink 100% Healthy Dessert 百份百甜品

This is a small HK-style dessert shop located on Westminster Highway where Kingspark restaurant is.  I like this place because they have a few unusual yummy desserts, one such I am about to show you.

Sweety Pink Desserts

The interior is quite small.  There’s about 10 tables in total.  It’s pretty brightly lit though and looks and feels clean.

Sweety Pink Desserts: Coconut noodles

I had their specialty – Coconut noodles.  You can get this mixed with a variety of different toppings.  I picked longan with mango puree and tadpole with mine.

The coconut noodles are very fragrant and coconutty.  The texture is very chewy and slippery and smooth.  I love this.  The longan are just generic canned stuff but still fragrant like the real fresh deal.  Mango puree tastes just as it sounds and the tadpole are really just some type of seaweed that’s been colored.  They’re crunchy in texture.  A very interesting mix.  I believe this was $5.95.

Sweety Pink Desserts: Green Tea Red Bean Shake

What is it with guys and not liking dessert?  I practically had to FORCE Boyfriend to order something just ’cause I don’t like eating by myself.  So he reluctantly ordered this Green Tea Red Bean Shake.

It was pretty good.  If it had more Green Tea powder in it would’ve been better.  The red beans are a bit too hard though.  This was ~$4 I think.

They also have a selection of savory snacks like fried chicken wings and toast and etc.  They’ve also recently came out with ramen.  Have yet to try those though.

I wonder why it’s called 100% Healthy Dessert though, their selections aren’t particularly healthy.

Sweetie Pink Dessert 粉紅菲菲甜品 on Urbanspoon


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  1. Hey Wendy:
    Great blog. For some weird reason, I never recall seeing your blog until today. Weird in that you seems to blog a lot of Richmond restaurants too. Keep it up. May I suggest you go back to your old blogs and put in the badges for Urbanspoon.

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