Motomachi Shokudo 元町食堂

Motomachi Shokudo is apparently opened by the same ramen chef that owns/opened Kintaro Ramen.  This new restaurant is supposed to be the healthier alternative to the fatty pork fat based Kintaro Ramen.  Here the chef uses only organic ingredients and the soup base is made from organic chicken rather than pork fat.

Motomachi Shokudo

Motomachi Shokudo

As you can see, the restaurant is quite small.  However, perhaps due to the petite size the aroma of Ramen noodles permeates every corner of the restaurant.  You will notice this when you open the door.

Motomachi Shokudo bamboo charcoal menu

I’ve read about the Charcoal noodle soup they offer here.  According to the owners, the charcoal is supposedly good for your health.  I know that the Japanese use charcoal in various household items mostly to deodourize (you will see if you visit Daiso).  However, I’m personal not quite sure about ingesting it.

Having said that, I ordered it.

Motomachi Shokudo: Bamboo Charcoal Dark Miso Ramen

The soup has charcoal alright.  It was pretty dark and black.  However there was not much taste to the charcoal specifically.  Perhaps the chicken broth has overpowered it, or it’s not even there for the taste.

This was good.  Very hearty and with lots of condiments.  I especially liked the soft-boiled egg.  The ramen noodles itself were very chewy and not at all overcooked.  I also like how they chose to use more unusual veggies (I don’t even know what it is).

Motomachi Shokudo: Spicy Miso Ramen with Organic Chicken

Boyfriend ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen with Organic Chicken.  He said it wasn’t spicy enough but the broth was still very tasty.  He really enjoyed it.

The ramen here is more expensive than your usual ramen.  But then they try to use organic ingredients here which I guess raises the cost of production too.

I would definitely come by again.

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6 Responses

  1. I absolutely love this place. I just wish the parking was more convenient, otherwise, I would be here on a weekly basis.

    And if you’re into cosplay, you’ll love the “french” waitresses.

    • Haha honestly I didn’t even notice that they were a “french” theme until I read in another blog that they wear berets, then it dawned on me…I thought it was just part of their “cool jap style”.

  2. […] originally wanted to go to Motomachi Shokudo.  He really liked it the last time we were there.  However, once we got to downtown, we were able […]

  3. […] fatty pork.  Overall I thought the soup was too salty.  I’m not sure if I felt this way the last time I went but this time it was definitely very very […]

  4. Don’t ever go to that place.
    They are really really cheap and they try to sell up stuff.
    We couldn’t sit there because we tried to share a meal.
    You had to pay at least 8 dollars or else you were out.
    That’s not a way to treat customers.
    Also, you have to pay for hot water, tea.
    Soooo damn cheap

  5. […] skeptical of its black broth.  The little blurb (you can read a version of it in the photo on this blog) exalting the benefits of charcoal tipped the scales, however.  I threw caution to the wind and […]

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