Macarons by Saint Germain Bakery

Went shopping at Metrotown and walked by the Saint Germain Bakery.  The colorful macarons in their fridge caught my eye, and since I’ve had quite a bit during my cruise, I was eager to try them.

Saint Germain Bakery: Lemon, Strawberry and Pistachio Macarons

Pretty aren’t they?  From left they are Lemon, Strawberry and Pistachio.

Texture-wise, these were quite a bit thicker than the ones I had on the cruise, as those were only single layer.  The exterior was crispy but the interior was kind of moist and gooey.  The macaron crumbles once you bite into it, and makes a mess.  Is that how macarons are supposed to be?

Taste-wise, if you don’t like overly sweet pastries, I would stay away from them, especially the Pistachio.  That flavor was especially sweet and didn’t really have the flavor or aroma of Pistachios.  It also had some sort of green paste in the middle glueing the two sides together.

The Lemon had a bit of tartness which is appropriate for something that’s supposed to be lemon flavored.  It was filled with what seems to be a lemon cream.

My favorite was Strawberry.  It had a wonderful aroma and taste of (artificial) strawberries.  It might sound bad, but I just mean that it’s flavored like how strawberry candy would taste like.  It was filled with strawberry jam.

Overall I enjoyed them, but next time I’ll probably just get the Strawberry.  Perhaps I’ll try the other flavors too, which includes Hazelnut and Chocolate, and perhaps a few more that I can’t remember right now.

A gripe though…they spell them as “Macaroons”, which are a totally different kind of pastry altogether.  Can’t they do some MORE research before going public?  I just hate that Chinese places almost always pay little attention to details…

Saint Germain Bakery 新之美餅店 on Urbanspoon


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  1. haha…i actually work at st. germain… and yah…the sign we put up is also Macaroons instead of macaron…macaroon is the english spelling whereas macaron is the french version…it’s just a different adaptation..but being a little clerk there, I don’t bother to speak to them about these little things (unless customers complain) anyhow, none of us clerks there…think the maraons are worth their price! in fact, i hear some peeps mock those who purchase them…cause they are so frigging expensive (for such a small thing that tastes like loads of sugar) n usually they’re not THAT fresh….just a heads up for u hehe ^^

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