Frappe Bliss 雪花冰

A lovely dessert that I like is one from a food court vendor called Frappe Bliss.  It is located at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond.

Sorry for the blurry picture!!

Basically what it is, is very very finely shaved, flavored ice topped with topping(s) of your choosing.

Now what makes the shaved ice here different from others is that it is VERY VERY finely shaved.  So fine that it’s fluffy, almost a cotton candy consistency.  It melts in your mouth so delightfully yet it is a relatively low-fat dessert.

Another thing is, the ice itself is FLAVORED.  That’s right.  It’s not just frozen water.  The flavors they offer are Milk, Peanut, Yogurt, Strawberry, and Mango.  I’ve personally tried Milk, Peanut and Yogurt, and have yet to try the remaining two.

Frappe Bliss: Milk flavored ice topped with Mango

This particular time I tried Milk flavored ice topped with Mango.  The frappe was rich with milk flavor (it is sweetened) and goes very well with the sweet and slightly tart fresh mangoes.  The ice itself is $2.95 and the fruit topping was $0.81.  I believe the total came to $3.84 (weird numbers but ya…)

The portion was pretty big too.  But then it’s really just ice so it doesn’t fill you up too badly.

Frappe Bliss: Milk flavored ice topped with Mango

Here I wanted to show you the texture of the ice.  Sorry it’s so dark…next time I’ll sit in a brighter area of the food court.

I really think this is worth a try.  It’s like nothing you’ve had before.

Frappe Bliss
Aberdeen Centre
Food Court, Level 3,
4151 Hazelbridge Way,
Richmond, BC

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3 Responses

  1. So that got me thinking, milk flavored ice? Why not just take milk and freeze it and then shave it.. ? heh.

  2. this is really good! I didn’t realise they had other flavored ice shavings lol have to try it next time ^^;

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