Well Tea 茶井

Well Tea is one of our favorite Bubble Tea restaurants.  It’s either that or Pearl Castle.  Usually Well Tea wins because there’s a greater chance of being seated there.

Well Tea

I really enjoy the mini hotpots at these restaurants.  I usually go for the Milk hotpot but this time I tried something different.

Well Tea: Sukiyaki Hotpot

This is the Sukiyaki Hotpot.  It consists of beef, cabbage, tofu puffs, and various imitation fish products ie. fish balls.

We really enjoyed the soup base.  As the beef is actually cooked in the soup it adds a deeper beef flavor to the soup.  This sukiyaki does not taste like Posh sukiyaki though.  It’s more of a rendition of it.

Well Tea: Sukiyaki Hotpot

This only came with rice and costs $8.95.

Well Tea: Mentaiko Yakiudon

Boyfriend had the Mentaiko Yakiudon.  Mentaiko is supposed to be a spicy fish roe.  This has cabbage and perhaps some pieces of chicken/pork (I don’t remember) in it.  It was rather small for $7.95, even to me.  Taste-wise, it was great.  The udon were really chewy.

We didn’t order bubble tea since we’re usually too full for it.

Well Tea is another great place to eat.  We enjoy it everytime.

Well Tea on Urbanspoon


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