Pearl Castle 圓香

Turns out my coworkers G and L1 are fans of Pearl Castle 圓香 also, even though they live in Vancouver.  So we went for BBT dinner one Friday night.  I HAD to introduce G to Pearl Castle’s Milk Hotpot.

Pearl Castle: Milk Seafood Hotpot

This was it- the Milk Seafood Hotpot.  G and L weren’t expecting much from it.  In fact, L was expecting it to be gross.  However, upon trying the soup base, both agreed this was excellent.  I’m glad Pearl Castle decided tonight was the night to make it good also, since they’re sometimes inconsistent in the taste department of this particular hotpot.  I’m just happy that on the night I recommended it, it was good.  I DID give fair warning though.

G said it was very creamy and smooth.  I’m glad he enjoyed it.

Pearl Castle: Milk Seafood Hotpot with Cheese

I picked something similar – Milk Seafood Hotpot with Cheese.  It’s basically prepared the same way but with added Parmesan cheese.  You can clearly taste the difference between this one and the plain one.

Both pots were ~$8.95.

Pearl Castle: Grass Jelly Milk Tea

I also ordered the Grass Jelly Milk Tea.  For some reason this tasted weird, almost an aspartame-y taste.  I didn’t enjoy this.  I’ll stick with my regular Honey Green Milk Tea next time.

Pearl Castle: Spicy Hotpot with Pork blood and Intestines

L2 had the Spicy Hotpot with Pork blood and Intestines.  I actually really enjoy this one also, but I find it a bit too spicy for me.

Pearl Castle: Deep-fried Salt & Pepper Chicken with rice

L1 ultimately ordered the Deep-fried Salt & Pepper Chicken with rice.  “Such a normal thing to order!” I thought.  Oh well.  It looked good.  It didn’t come with dessert though.

Dessert was Jasmine/Green Tea jelly.

It was a nice dinner, with lots of great conversation.  However, I strongly recommend against coming here on Friday/Saturday nights, unless you enjoy cramming at the door with a bunch of other people in the cold.

But then, this place is basically packed every night.

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4 Responses

  1. Woo. spicy hotpot with pork blood and intestines. yummmmmy.
    Pearl Castle is too busy at night…sigh.

  2. I went to one out in coquitlam (or port co?) anyways the place is a lot bigger and the seat are a lot more spacious. Foods are the same price but they are giving out a 50%off togo drinks coupon!

  3. Does anyone know where is the Coquitlam Pearl Castle now? Because my friends said that they closed up but if they are closed then how come they will hire ppl in the newspaper.

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