Dairy Queen FlameThrower

This is gonna be a short post.  I have had the flamethrower burger for many years and have always said it’s one of the best fast food burgers out there.  It is the ONLY burger I know of from the main fast food joints (M’s, BK, A&W, DQ, Wendy’s) that actually has some ZING in it.

There are TWO choices.  1/4lb version or the 1/2lb.  I was not that hungry and it was almost 10PM so I decided to get the smaller one.  It came to $4.29+taxes (1/2lb was $5.55+taxes).  I do plan to do a more extensive review of DQ in the near future, but this is a quickie.

Now, we’ve all seen the DQ commercials of the patrons breathing fire on each other.  But I assure you, it just did not happen:

The reality of the experience was much more serene. lol

Dairy Queen FlameThrower

The bacon just puts this thing over the top.  The sauce has just the right amount of spiciness to it.  But because it was takeout and I had to wait until I got home to eat it, it was a bit cold.  I remember back in the day when I got it straight from the counter………….*drools*

Here’s the commercials for old-time’s sake.

Dairy Queen Brazier on Urbanspoon Dairy Queen on Urbanspoon Dairy Queen on Urbanspoon Dairy Queen on Urbanspoon Dairy Queen on Urbanspoon


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  1. I’ll definitely have to give this a shot. Thanks for sharing.

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