BK King Deal Monday – King Supreme

I’ve been a pig lately…consuming so much fast food…but hey I can’t help it if Burger King is on the way home and I’ve gotten so hungry lately after work… 😦

BK King Deal Monday - King Supreme

I was intent on BK though.  The Daily King Deal for Monday was the King Supreme.  I’ve never had it before, nor do I know what’s in it.  It was $1.99 for the sandwich itself.

BK King Deal Monday - King Supreme

And to my surprise it was assembled pretty nicely today.

BK King Deal Monday - King Supreme

It was a good deal I though.  It had lettuce, pickles, onions, cheese, and 2 patties.  The bun was fresh and soft, chewy.  The special sauce was tasty.  This may be BK’s version of the Big Mac?  It’s really good.  I was satisfied and would definitely get it again.

Burger King on Urbanspoon


5 Responses

  1. only $1.99?! is it on sale? lol looks yum tho ^o^

  2. okay sorry, I got distracted by the food 😛 it is a monday deal LOL!

  3. Yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. lookkkkkssssss soooooooooo goooooooooooooodddddddddd ommmmmmmmmmggggggggg 😀

  4. Mmmmmm, I was considering getting the King Supreme after learning it’s the Monday deal. After reading into it, I’m gonna go get it after I finish writing this. I’ve always been a Whopper Wednesday and Double Jr. Whopper Sunday custy, which are awesome deals (usually). I’ll come back here and write a review of the King Supreme unless something happens to prevent it.

  5. Its sauce is subtle and it doesn’t taste too spectacular altogether, but I suppose that’s its intended function because it’s simple and easy to tolerate. At $2.09 after taxes for 30gz of protein and 550 calories it’s worth it.

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