President’s Choice Blue Menu Korma Sauce

This would be the first post ever of us doing some home cooking!! Mind you not entirely from scratch but it’s the closest to home cooking we’ve done ever.

President's Choice Korma Sauce

We like Indian food. I especially enjoy Korma. A couple years ago we found that Superstore’s President’s Choice has come out with a series of Indian sauces for you to make your own Indian food at home.  Back then it was just $2.99.  Now the price has been hiked to $3.99.  They’ve also come out with it in their Blue Menu series also.  If you don’t know, that’s their healthier version.

So it’s very very simple to make.  We don’t use a lot of ingredients.  Pick your choice of meat (or veggie if you’re a vegetarian), and any other add-ins if you like.

As shown above, we chose chicken and onions.

So brown the chicken in a pan.  It doesn’t have to be fully cooked as you’re simmering it with the sauce later.  The meat would be in smaller pieces anyways so it’ll cook through later.

Boyfriend and I are really really new to cooking.  We find that it’s easier to cut up the chicken after it’s cooked.

Cut up the onions to whatever size you want.  Don’t cut them too small if you want to be able to actually bite and eat them later.

Then what we do is after the chicken’s browned, we take the chicken out to cut and meanwhile saute the onions till tender or fragrant.  Then we add the chicken back in.

President's Choice Korma Sauce Chicken Korma

Add the sauce in.  If you find it too thick, you can add a bit of water.  If it gets too runny just let it simmer for a while longer to thicken.

President's Choice Korma Sauce Chicken Korma

Then just enjoy it over anything you want!  It’s that simple~!!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


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    Thanks from your East Indian Friends.

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