Qoola @ Aberdeen Centre

So apparently Qoola is going to open at Aberdeen Centre!  That’s a pretty quick expansion period, considering they’ve only opened recently on Denman.

Their location in Aberdeen Centre is going to be near the Supermarket on the 1st floor, across from Saint Germaine.  I hope they’re going to be sanitary!  Considering they’re opening in an Asian mall, unlike this other place….

Update:  It opens in June!!


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  1. Hey Wendy:
    Oh yeah, Suanne and I noticed that too when we were there over the weekend. Great to see them opening here in Richmond.

  2. When’s the opening?

    I keep trying to get to the original location on Denman but I usually give up because I can’t find parking.

    This is much more accessible for me:)

    Maybe I’ll finally get to taste it.

  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaat. Where’s the signs/etc?

  4. Their products are a bit overpriced. They need to lower their prices to compete with the food choices in the Aberdeen mall.

  5. I was at Aberdeen on the weekend too. I guess I missed it. I wonder when it actually opens…

  6. I was there today and noticed a construction front for Qoola. It’s located on the main floor across from St. Germain’s, an awesome HK style bakery.

    Since it wasn’t open yet, and nobody seems to know the opening date, I ended up at Frappe Bliss and enjoyed a Formosa Tropical mango icy with red beans, mochi and fresh cut mango. It would have been $5 for Qoola, too bad so sad.

  7. Hi all,

    Thanks for the interest! June is the tentative opening and for the record, we will try to have our staff abstain from being rude or doing gross things behind the counter. We’ll announce more details as we get closer to opening and as always, we appreciate the support.


  8. @Jonnek,

    I agree that the product is a bit overpriced. It will be interesting to see if it can compete with the other established vendors that offer similar items. I think Qoola’s mochi is too sweet like candy and that the authentic mochi from other dessert places will appeal to asian tastes more.

    I can say that I have now officially tasted, (even made the trip to the Denman location) and I think the korean chain Red Mango does a better job as it offers more choices like red beans, etc.

    I think for now I’ll be visiting Frappe Bliss a little more.

  9. Well, summer is almost over and I have made several trips to Qoola, both to the Denman and Aberdeen locations. They have improved their original mochi which now tastes pretty good, and I really loved their lychee flavour which I hope will return. I love their $5 daily special and if you happen to be there on your birthday, you’ll even get a complimentary one.

    I’m not a fan of their NY cheese cake flavour, but kudos for introducing new ones. I have also compared Qoola to other local yogurt places in Vancouver and I think Qoola is the best so far.


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