Bobby G’s Pub

Wendy and I finally ordered the Entertainment Book. We love to wait when the book drops down under $20 to pick it up. The book fully redeems itself in a meal or two. Tonight, we decided to go somewhere we haven’t been before. In search of this, we located Bobby G’s Pub – located inside the Best Western hotel in Richmond. To be honest, we were searching for Highlander Restaurant as the coupon would suggest. Bobby G’s and Highlander were actually connected to each other. Bobby G’s was the pub area and Highlander was the restaurant.

We arrived at about 8:30PM to find out that Highlander was close and we were moved promptly to Bobby G’s. Fortunately, the coupon can still be used! The place was bit dark for my liking, the seats were a bit too soft but they had a nice 46″ HDTV LCD on the wall playing an ACTUAL high-definition quality channel (TSNHD). Just for that, I will give them some kudos.

We ordered Dry Ribs as an appetizer:

Bobby G's Pub: Dry Ribs

No, we didn’t take pictures in the midst of eating the dry ribs.  They actually served a total of NINE pieces.  The cost of the dish was $8.95, so that comes to about a buck per piece.  I guess salt and pepper is really expensive these days.

Bobby G's Pub: Pork Schnitzel

Introducing the Pork Schnitzel.  It was the priciest item on the menu ($18.95).  It was served with lemon creme sauce and a dose of veggies on the side.  I found it to be just average as the batter wasn’t that great and both patties were HUGE – it makes me regret order the dry ribs even more at this point.  Wendy enjoyed it though.

Bobby G's Pub: Bobby G's Burger

The burger was quite delicious.  The patty was very juicy and the fries was really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside….mmmmm…..  This was the Bobby G’s Burger and it was very satisfying (except for my onion breath afterwards).

The meal came to $36 with tips and after the discount.  Wendy and I enjoyed our stay at Bobby G’s.  Would we go there again (without the coupon)?  Probably not, since the place was not very appealing to my age group.  .  I did enjoy the actually hi-def baseball game that was on but I guess it’s the food that mattered most!

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  1. That’s such a pathetic order of ribs…seriously, wow.

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