Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt

After the lobster sashimi dinner we were ready for MORE ice cream.  G has heard about Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt and I was excited to take them there.

Timothy's Frozen Yogurt

I’ve been to this place ever since I was a kid.  I remember when I was only allowed to get the Kid’s size to when I was finally allowed to have my own Single.  I felt like a grown-up!

I’ve tested many flavors over the years and alas I’ve always come back to either Blueberry or Cherry, the latter being my most frequent choice.

Aside from frozen yogurt, they also serve gelato, coffee, sandwiches and more of the sort.

Timothy's Frozen Yogurt fruit selection

The daily available fruits are written on a menu board above, but you can always just take a look at the freezer to see what’s offered.  They use frozen fruits here but that’s ok, after all, isn’t the nutritional value of fresh and frozen fruits (and veggies) the same???

Timothy's Cherry Frozen Yogurt

I chose Cherry again this time.  I shared a Single cup with L1 which cost $3.50.  The others got Mixed Berries and Banana.  They didn’t share so they each got a Kid’s size for $2.50 each.  L1 was surprised how good Cherry was, as she was expecting an artificial cherry candy flavor.  I reminded her that this was real fruit, not candy.

As for why I like Blueberry and Cherry, it’s ‘cuz they’re the sweetest of the fruits available!

I saw that they offer Mango this time.  I’ll try it next time.

Oh, the way they make this is, they get a block of plain (Vanilla?) frozen yogurt, place it into a big mixer thing, add the fruit, and blend it while dispensing into the container.  This leads to the middle part of your swirl always having some of the just plain yogurt.  Pretty Sister and I used to “compete” to see who got more of the plain stuff, as we liked it plain also.

Timothy's Frozen Yogurt

The other choice of receptacle for your treat is a freshly made waffle cone.  You can almost always get it fresh.  I remember multiple times where I had cold yogurt in a warm waffle cone.

After wards the 5 of us just took a short stroll out to the the boating dock on the other side of Pajo’s.  The open water had no obstructions and you can clearly see the horizon.  The sun had set just a bit too much for us to get a good look.  However the dusk was still beautiful to look at.

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3 Responses

  1. The frozen yogurt looks not too bad despite the plain yogurt in the centre. It’s made like Yogen Fruz (the McDonald’s of frozen yogurt). So was it better than Yogen Fruz? Or was it good in general? At least it doesn’t cost as much as Qoola.

    • I would say it’s better just cuz I’ve had it a lot growing up, so it’s *special* to me. It’s also a famous local Steveston establishment so it’s not mass marketed like Yogen Fruz. I also think it’s cheaper than YF too.

  2. i love steveston! timothy’s has good ice cream, but unfortunately i’ve had horrible service there =(

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