Chicco Cafe

After our dinner at Toratatsu, it was still early out so we didn’t want to waste our trip to Downtown and took a walk down Robson.  By the time the shops were closing, we were ready for dessert again, so I took them to Chicco.

Chicco Cafe menu

I was introduced to this place many years ago by Pretty Sis.  Back then I tried the Creme Caramel Parfait which had creme caramel pudding in it.  For some reason I didn’t see it on the menu (it was clearly on there) and so didn’t order it.  Next time I do want to try the Green Tea Parfait though.

Chicco Cafe: Cheesecake Parfait and Anmitsu Parfait

So again F and I shared one, while the rest shared another.  And again, I picked the flavor.

Chicco Cafe: Cheesecake Parfait

My choice was the Cheesecake Parfait.  It was on special so I chose it.  It was just alright I thought.  All it had was a small slice of their Light Cheesecake, cornflakes, whip cream, and shortcake on the bottom.  They added caramel sugar syrup to the bottom and it was quite bitter.  I think I would’ve enjoyed the other choices more, for instance the other’s choice.

Chicco Cafe: Anmitsu Parfait

Theirs was the Anmitsu Parfait which seems like it had mango jello, kanten jelly, mochi, and two scoops of ice cream.  I really wanted to steal their mochi haha.

Chicco on Urbanspoon


3 Responses

  1. mmm I love chicco ^o^ haha! have U tried the crepes at Konbinya?

  2. Ooooo parfaits. So good and expensive…and not a lot of places have them!

  3. […] place in Vancouver.  I was quite happy to know about it, since I really enjoy the parfaits at Chicco and any new places offering the same thing is always welcome.  It was especially exciting since […]

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