Chiffon Chinese Cuisine 食坊 – CLOSED

The name might sound all fancy but it’s really just the ‘anglicized’ version of Eating Room. The restaurant is quite clean upon our entrance.  The lighting was good, floor seemed to be in clean and in good condition and the tables and chairs were placed in a tidy manner.  Why I say this?  After being on this planet for almost 30 years, I can honestly count the number of restaurants ran by Chinese owners that kept the place clean with my own two hands.  I will now move on from the rant and into the review.

Chiffon Chinese Cuisine

There you go! You know where to go if you end up liking my review!

Chiffon Chinese Cuisine

The view from our seats.  Not bad eh?

Chiffon Chinese Cuisine: Iced Osmanthus Milk Tea

We started off with the Iced Osmanthus Milk Tea.  Wendy told me in secret that the name sounded good but she expected the drink to fall short of expectations.  Surprisingly for both of us, the drink was made very well – it was not too sweet, and had sufficient flavoring of the osmanthus. Good job, Chiffon!

Chiffon Chinese Cuisine

This was quite disappointing.  There was just a pathetic amount of vegetables, the rice was pretty standard and the food wasn’t really that warm.  The pork was also tougher than necessary.  All in all, thumbs down.

Chiffon Chinese Cuisine: Taiwanese Style Ribs Fried Rice

The Taiwanese Style Ribs Fried Rice was such a delight to enjoy.  The fried rice had a very savory flavor – a great mix of corn, peas and onions.  The ribs were perfectly battered and a tinge of sweetness to them.  I was thoroughly impressed with this dish.  Thumbs WAY UP!!!

Chiffon Chinese Cuisine: strawberry pudding

If you guys have been to other Taiwanese places, you’d probably ran into the glob of sugar aka dessert that they usually serve.  This time , we had the strawberry ‘glob’.  We were taken aback by how good this tasted!  I wish I had a full bowl of this!!  Thumbs up AGAIN!

The bill came to $23 will tip.  There were 3 hits and 1 miss out of the items we tried.  I would say that calls for an excellent batting average (baseball term, guys!).  This wasn’t our first time at Chiffon, it was pretty good before and now, after a while, we have returned and were pleasantly served once again.

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4 Responses

  1. thanks for the review. you make everything look so delicious, can’t wait to try.

  2. Sounds interesting. Prices are right.

    I might try it.


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