Bauhinia Restaurant 洋紫荊餐廳 – CLOSED

It seems like I’m on a HK-Style Milk Tea binge lately.  I crave for it every meal ever since Alleluia.

Our restaurant choice this time was Bauhinia Restaurant.  It used to be on Saba Road but now it’s located in a little strip mall along Granville Ave. and St. Albans, near An Nam.

Bauhinia Restaurant

Bauhinia Restaurant

Bauhinia has always advertised itself as a more upscale HK-Style Cafe, and its prices show.  It is a bit more expensive than your conventional one.

The interior is nice and clean, the lighted Bauhinia on the wall is a nice touch.

Bauhinia Restaurant: Almond tea and milk tea

We both ordered from the Afternoon Tea menu.  It’s pretty extensive.

As with most other similar restaurants, cold drinks are an extra $1.

Boyfriend enjoyed his Almond Tea, my Milk Tea was ok, but not as nice as Alleluia’s.

Bauhinia Restaurant: Soup and garlic toast

My baked dish came with soup and garlic toast.  The soup was very creamy and smooth, much nicer than other places.  The toast was nothing special.

Bauhinia Restaurant: Fried Seafood & Thick Noodle in XO Sauce

Boyfriend ordered the Fried Seafood & Thick Noodle in XO Sauce ($7.95).  He liked it because it was slightly spicy.  There were a good amount of seafood in it and they were big pieces too.  However it looked quite oily to me.  Whatever, he enjoyed it.

Bauhinia Restaurant: Baked Spaghetti

I just ordered a simple Baked Spaghetti ($8.95).  I’ve always liked HK-style Spaghetti Bolognaise more than the traditional Italian type.  The sauce is less tart and there’s more meat in it.

It was good, the pasta was al dente and it was a big portion.

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