Let’s Go for Dinner and Aquarium! Part 1

There must be something in the water here in Richmond.  Just as Ben was blogging about the letsgofordinner.com loyalty card, I was preparing this post.  Richmond-ers must think alike.

Anyways, our day was more like “let’s go to Aquarium then dinner”.  This marks the first post where we blog about something else other than eating, not that that topic is completely excluded of course.  Finally, it’s really Eat ‘n About!

I think my favorite attraction in Vancouver has got to be the Vancouver Aquarium.  It’s no SeaWorld but it’s sufficiently big and inclusive that it’s enough to bring us back every summer.  Not to mention that they have a 2-for-1 coupon in the Entertainment Book.

It must be due to the fact that I was an avid fish-keeper for a few years.  When that interest finally waned, I turned to the Aquarium for my fix.

Vancouver Aquarium

My favorite attraction in the Aquarium lately has been the Jellyfish exhibit.  They’ve expanded it so that there are more species to see, including a life-cycle that includes baby jellies.  They are so cute.

Vancouver Aquarium

Spotted Jellies

Vancouver Aquarium: Baby Jellyfish

Baby Jellies

Aren’t they cute?

Vancouver Aquarium

Being in BC, there is a special section dedicated to sea life along our coastal waters, mainly along the coast of the mainland and the island, and the Pacific.

Vancouver Aquarium

They have many extraordinary and colorful anemones and starfish, corals, etc.  There’s even an outdoor exhibit where they mimic a tidal pool and you can actually touch an anemone or a starfish.  It’s pretty cool if you haven’t touched one before.  It’s still cool if you have~  Kids love it especially.

Vancouver Aquarium

Of course there’s always some not as pretty creatures available for show, such as these.  I forgot their names though.  They’re ugly.

Vancouver Aquarium

As was this Octopus.  Ugh just ghastly.  I didn’t know there were so wrinkly….gross!

Vancouver Aquarium


Vancouver Aquarium Seahorse


Vancouver Aquarium

Then there’s the Amazon/Tropical Zone.  There’s a butterfly house that has a few species of free-flying butterflies.

Vancouver Aquarium

This beautiful coral Ibis is in there too.  Beautiful to look at, not so much to be under.  You see, they sometimes poop.  The ladies in front of us were lucky enough to get special gifts from it onto their shirts.

Vancouver Aquarium

In the Amphibian/Reptile section, there’s a pretty impressive selection of frogs, toads, and lizards.  I especially liked this red poisionous one.  It’s so beautiful.  It’s also tiny, about the size of my thumb.

Vancouver Aquarium A grumpy ol frog

A grumpy ol’ frog

Vancouver Aquarium

A delicacy in parts of S. America!

Vancouver Aquarium sea otters

Sea otters

Outside you can find the famed sea otter pool where the famous Youtube hand-holding otters reside.  Sadly, one of them has passed away a while ago, so there’s only one left.  Sea otters are always cute, even when they’re just floating there looking at you.  This time, it was busy scratching/washing itself.  Too cute for words.

Vancouver Aquarium

This summer they have a special “Birds of Prey” show.  Here’s some videos I took:

Wow that was quite picture intensive…I’ll leave the eating part to Part 2…


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