Cafe D’Lite Express

Last week, the weather in Vancouver became unbearingly hot (to me and Wendy!).  Most homes in Vancouver are not equipped with air conditioners so that makes things worse than other locations elsewhere that receive more annual sunshine.  Fans and A/Cs were being swept off shelves during these times.  I couldn’t even go buy a fan for the office because the A/C *FAILED* when it was needed most.  That leaves many of us Vancouverites heading to the mall to escape from the heat.  This time, Aberdeen Centre saved us from the sunlight onslaught!

Cafe D'Lite Express

We were in the mood for some Laksa and Cafe D’Lite was located right beside the busiest food court outlet in Aberdeen, Wo Fung.  Since I hate lineups, I went to Cafe D’Lite instead.

Cafe D'Lite Express

We observed and liked the fact that Cafe D’Lite places a cover on the dishes ready to be picked up.  It’s a little thing but in my opinion, details go a long way. Furthermore, the lady at the cash was quite pleasant to deal with – in contrast to the folks at Wo Fung whom couldn’t buy a smile even if their lives were at peril.

Cafe D'Lite Express: Hainanese Chicken on Laksa Noodles and Fishballs on Laksa Noodles

On the left, I introduce to you the Hainanese Chicken on Laksa Noodles. And its opponent, the Fishballs on Laska Noodles.  What surprised us most was the soup base.  Simply, it was very good.  It had strong flavor and tinge of spiciness.  It was not too salty and whoever made the soupbase knew what they were doing.  On top of that, the Hainanese Chicken was one of the best I have had in a while.  The chicken was a the right temperature (a bit on the cooler side),  the skin was easy to bite through and the meat was moist and tender.  As for the fishballs, Wendy felt that she got ripped off as there was very little in there (Two fishballs cut into many smaller slices).  The fishball flavor was average and Wendy will definitely get the chicken next time!

Cafe D’Lite surprised us with delight as its name suggests.  The price was good $6.50 for each bowl and we will definitely be going back.  Wendy was quite happy to find a good laksa eatery since ellie shut down.

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  1. the hainanese chicken rice there is the bomb. well the rice could be worked on but the chicken is incomparable to anywhere else in richmond i have found.

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