Dot Dessert

I learned about Dot Dessert while searching for a Japanese-style dessert place in Vancouver.  I was quite happy to know about it, since I really enjoy the parfaits at Chicco and any new places offering the same thing is always welcome.  It was especially exciting since it’s not located in Downtown, so it’s relatively easier to get there.

Dot Dessert

However it was quite weird.  As you can see, the pseudo-awning thing above the cafe says Cambie Plaza Bubble House.  Therefore, we actually couldn’t see it when we drove by.  It was only after we parked and actively searched for it that we found it.

Anyways, it’s located on the same strip as where Four Seas Chinese Restaurant.

Dot Dessert interior

It was actually pretty small in there.  There’s only about 4 of these tables in the whole place.  We opted to do take-out because I get uncomfortable being at a eatery where we’re the only customers.  Claustrophobia???  Actually I guess not…since I won’t be as bothered with more people in there…

Dot Dessert: Matcha parfait

There are quite a bit of choices though.  There’s a Japanese parfait section and a Specialty Parfait section.  We ordered the Matcha parfait, which was weirdly in the Specialty and not the Japanese section.  You can see the rest of their menu here.

Aside from parfaits, they also serve some drinks and crepes.

As for the actual taste of the parfait itself, there is actually quite a bit of stuff in it.  However, one thing I didn’t like was that they used Chinese-style rice balls in it instead of mochi.  Some people may see not problem with that but I didn’t like that.  Otherwise, the ice cream and the cornflakes were of really good quality.  It’s quite big too, bigger than Chicco, but more expensive also.

To be honest, I like Chicco’s version more.  Since aside from Matcha ice cream, Chicco would also give you interesting bits such as Matcha jello and kantan and other Japanese-style bits.  The only Matcha part of Dot’s version is the ice cream.  So all-in-all, I guess I will have to travel out to Downtown for my parfait fix…

Dot. Desserts on Urbanspoon


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