Dragon Ball Tea House 龍珠茶園

After our visit to Beefy Beef Noodle House, we decided to rush over to the bubble tea house named Dragon Ball (Z!!!!)  Here’s a nice pic of the place and our shadows during a late fall day in Vancouver.  What surprised me most was that the parking was quite easy (in the side alley) – it was a good first impression!

Dragon Ball Tea House menu

The menu board was quite like other places I have been too.  No surprises. The place was just opened minutes ago.  I was glad that what we ordered did not have to wait long and the tapioca was ready.  Also, I did find the decor to be quite welcoming and comfortable.  I would not mind dining in at Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Tea House Bubble Tea

We ordered two of the “Fresh Flavor” drink with tapioca.  Wendy ordered the Pineapple Milky Slush.  I had the Blueberry slush with milk.  I must say that mine was surprising good.  It was not too sweet (which both Wendy and I prefer) and the tapioca was quite warm and ‘fresh’.  I thoroughly enjoyed the blueberry slush as we drove back to Richmond.

Wendy enjoyed hers too.  But she did comment that it tasted like cheesecake.  The pearls were a bit softy than what we usually have though, but not in a bad way.

After all these years,  I finally visit the famous Dragon Ball Tea House.  I completely enjoyed their offerings and so did Wendy.  If I am in the area in the future, I would not hesitate to return.

Dragon Ball Tea House on Urbanspoon


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  1. Yes, their reputation is well deserved as their BBT’s are consistently good.

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