Ho Yuen Restaurant – CLOSED

Okay, you are probably thinking: “WHY ARE YOU GOING HERE?”  Aren’t the commercials of the owner dude on Fairchild Vision enough?  Isn’t this guy’s face and voice overly irritating to anyone that knows him?  Well, yeah.  But we could not resist the urge to see what he has done to the “Ho Yuen” brand of restaurants in the GVRD.

Ho Yuen Restaurant

The massive poster on the left of him and his “associate” will definitely attract some attention.  The inside did not change much.

Ho Yuen Restaurant: Kup Dai Congee

The Chinese name for this congee was “第粥 Kup Dai Congee”.  Wendy’s translation would be “Supreme Mix of Meat” Congee – which really are just pork innards.  The congee was surprisingly good.  The assortment of meat was very tender, easy to chew.  The congee mix was a good mix of rice and water.  It was neither too dry or too watery.  Thumbs up.

Ho Yuen Restaurant: Pan-fried Rice Roll

It came with your choice of side and Wendy chose the Pan-fried Rice Roll.  It had the traditional sesame sprinkles and soy sauce, with sesame and seafood dipping sauce on the side.  It was not anything special but a good compliment to our congee.  There are other choices of side dishes to choose from as well.

Ho Yuen Restaurant: Chinese Donut

I had an urge to get a stick of Chinese Donut.  Actually, whenever I order congee, I will compliment it with a Chinese Donut.  It was very pleased with it.  It was hot and crispy.  So darn good!

This visit was quite good.  Wendy and I have returned a few times since and the quality has been consistent.  The boss man is usually around on his laptop doing business too.   I really liked Ho Yuen’s location until NCIX moved to Aberdeen!  But it is a good place to have lunch nevertheless.

Ho Yuen on Urbanspoon


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