Society Dining Lounge

Do these symbols together conjure up a specific place or restaurant?  Well Glowbal Group certainly hopes so, as it’s the marketing strategy for their new venture in Yaletown, Society.

Eat ‘n About was sent an invitation to partake in the Grand Opening Media Access party a while ago.  And it indeed was a while ago.  We’ve recently received an invite for Glowbal’s Relaunch party also which made me finally “pick up my pen” and write this.  I’m ashamed to say it’s taken me so long to write this up.  It’s mostly due to the amount of pictures I’ve taken and I didn’t know where to start!  But anyway here it is.

And obviously this is not a real review as it’s an opening party so it is not a realistic view of how the service and food quality of the restaurant part of Society is going to be like.  On the other hand, hopefully it’s give a taste of what’s to come.

Society Dining Lounge opening

“Media” (we’re “media”!  Who would’ve thought??) was to arrive earlier.  By the time we left, there was a lineup so obviously the event was a success.  Despite the crowd, the event was executed flawlessly, unlike another opening I’ve been to.

Society Dining Lounge opening

It is very kitschy like most Glowbal venues but it is quite small, explained by its location of course.

Society Dining Lounge opening

But they do have an upstairs which offers a bit more space.

Society Dining Lounge opening

Once inside though, you won’t be able to miss the two bright pink Murano glass chandeliers hanging from the sealing.  They were adamant to tell us that they’re irreplaceable.  They are a pretty sight though.

Society Dining Lounge opening

Now I would like to go on a tangent and talk about the differences between the Irashai Grill event and this one.  Needless to say Society’s version was much better organized.  Hors d’oeuvres came out in a seamless stream and was accessible by all.  Drinks were also churned out and there was no need for anyone to be “vulturing” for food.

Society Dining Lounge opening

Society Dining Lounge opening

The servers were also extremely friendly and enthusiastic, not at all stressed.  I’m sure if things didn’t happen as smoothly the servers would’ve made up for it in personality and exuberance.

As this is a food blog, I guess it’s time I posted some pictures of the food they offered.

Society Dining LoungeSociety Dining LoungeSociety Dining LoungeSociety Dining LoungeSociety Dining LoungeSociety Dining LoungeSociety Dining LoungeSociety Dining LoungeSociety Dining LoungeSociety Dining Lounge

Even as a teaser for the rest of the food, these are made pretty well.  They show off the mix of comfort and gourmet food that are the backbone of their menu.  For instance the Lobster Grilled Cheese mixes old classic favorites with higher class items.  This is the style they build their menu around.

Society Dining Lounge

Now for the drinks.  Yaletown eateries are nothing without their drinks right?

Society Dining LoungeSociety Dining LoungeSociety Dining LoungeSociety Dining LoungeSociety Dining Lounge

The drinks were mass-produced that night but they were still up to par.  Obviously they handle crowds very well and they’re able to keep up the quality of their food.  I scanned through their menu online and the prices are very reasonable for a Yaletown lounge restaurant.

Overall I believe Society is another formidable force from Glowbal.  I haven’t always had the best impression of Glowbal’s restaurants, mostly due to the service side.  I would like to say I like Society but I haven’t actually visited on my own accord yet so that’s decision’s yet to be made.

One thing they’ve got going for them…they’re a Let’s Go For Dinner participant!!

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