Pho Century

Pho Century exterior

It was another lunch outing with the coworkers.  This time we decided to visit a new place (new as in we’ve never been to it before) on Willingdon and Kingsway called Pho Century.  From the outside it looks like one of those dirty, dingy places, what, with the ghastly neon lighting.  We’ll see what it looks like inside.

Pho Century interior

It’s actually pretty bright and clean.  We were surprised.  The server didn’t really speak English though.  But she was very hospitable.

Pho Century: House Special Pho

I ordered the House Special Pho.  It came with the usual suspects again- tripe, tendon, brisket, rare beef.  The soup was clear and flavorful, and there wasn’t a layer of fat oil on top.  I didn’t feel like there was a lot of MSG. The noodles were also cooked perfectly.

The restaurant was actually a very good setting too.  I felt the restaurant was pretty clean and comfortable.  The best thing was it was bright.

Pho Century: Pork skewers with vermicelli

G had a combo of pork skewers with vermicelli.  I didn’t have any but it looked fresh and colorful.  He enjoyed it too.

Overall a very very enjoyable experience.  We will definitely come back.

Phở Century on Urbanspoon


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