The King’s Head Pub

The King’s Head Pub really isn’t a place I would’ve chosen to go to, based on how it looks.  It looks really dingy and dark and dirty.  However the reviews mostly seem to be good, citing good food, good drinks, good atmosphere.  Plus, the new friend that I made  suggested we go there as it’s one of his favorite haunts, so there I was as an adventure~

It’s your basic pub restaurant with the usual types of food- steak, burgers, fish & chips, pizza, beer, etc.

The King's Head Pub: Steak & Mushroom pizza

It was actually $6.99 pizza night, so we both ordered one.  My choice was the Steak & Mushroom.  It was decent.  It had a thin crust, but the middle part seemed to be soggy.  There was an abundance of topping though, with lots of mushrooms and steak pieces.  It was very tasty despite the soggy parts.

The King's Head Pub: BBQ Chicken pizza

My friend ordered the BBQ Chicken pizza.  It was slightly spicy and the chicken pieces were a bit dry.  But again there is quite a bit of toppings and it wasn’t bad but we definitely preferred the Mushroom & Steak better.

Overall not a bad experience.

Kings Head on Urbanspoon

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