Wings Pub & Grill on Kingsway

L and I felt like wings and beer after a swim.  Actually, we went swimming just so we can have wings and beer afterwards.  She lives really close to Wings, and her place has a pool, 1+1=2!

We didn’t realize it was the first night of the restart of UFC though, so basically when we went in, we didn’t have much choice for seating.  We ended up sitting out in the patio even though it was raining since we were both in skirts and didn’t feel like sitting on a bar stool.

For anyone that this matters to, the Kingsway location actually allows smoking in their patio seating.  Good thing we went early so we weren’t bombarded too much.

Wings Pub and Grill: domestic beer

They have pretty reasonable beer prices.  A glass of domestic was only $3.90.

Wings Pub and Grill: Yam Fries

Their Yam Fries ($6.95) were really really good.  Fat, long pieces, crispy, and there were lots.  A lot of other places serve short, stubby, broken off pieces, so this was a really really nice change.  They were served with a red pepper aioli.

Wings Pub and Grill: bucket

Bucket for the main event~

Wings Pub and Grill: Texas Dry Rub and Malaysian Orange Ginger Wings

We ended up choosing 2 lbs, one of Texas Dry Rub and the Malaysian Orange Ginger.  The latter was a new flavor.  I should’ve known better.  It wasn’t bad, but not good.  It was like eating bad Chinese food.  Like Orange Chicken, which actually I guess is what this was.

The dry rub was much better.   Lots of rock salt, crispy, juicy.  We thought we could finish it between two girls but alas we couldn’t.  Blame it on the beer.

Wings Pub & Grill on Urbanspoon

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