Carlos Cantina

Carlos Cantina exterior

On our last day in Sidney, Victoria, SheShe and I went to a Mexican cantina for lunch/dinner before we had to head to the ferry.  We saw an ad for Carlos Cantina in the local magazine so we decided to go there.

Carlos Cantina

It was a very small, quaint place.  I actually quite enjoyed the decor.  It was a bit whimsical, full of Mexican flavor (or at lease what I think it should be), and at the same time simple.

Carlos Cantina interior

I especially liked the little hut-roof thing behind the counter.  There’s even a chicken on there!

Carlos Cantina interior

Carlos Cantina interior

The restaurant was basically manned by the owner.  He was very very talkative and friendly.  At first it was just SheShe and I in the restaurant.  Then people started to come in, I guess ’cause there was finally people in there so it didn’t feel as awkward?  Once a second table of people came in, the owner actually went to the back and changed into a hat (sombrero?) much like the one hanging on the wall in the picture above and he also changed his shirt LOL.

Carlos Cantina: Lemon Tea Snapple

As our meals are paid for, we both ordered a Snapple.  The serving glass that came with it was a mason jar which was a nice touch.  The lime too.

Carlos Cantina: Chicken a la Skin

This was the reason why SheShe wanted to come here.  She saw the online menu that they had Chicken a la Skin which were potato skins stuffed with chicken topped with sour cream, salsa and cheese.

Carlos Cantina: Chicken a la Skin

Uh…well….it was alright.  Not horrible, but not the best thing either.  I thought the potato skin parts were kind of dry and hard.  The chicken topping wasn’t really all that unique…it was tasty, but can be easily made at home.

Carlos Cantina: Chicken Quesadilla with Mixed Cheese

As for our mains, we both ordered quesadillas.  On hindsight, I think I should’ve ordered something more different that’s not really “taco” or “enchilada” or “quesadilla”.  But we weren’t really that hungry to begin with so I think we just wanted something simple.

I think this was SheShe’s main which was the Chicken Quesadilla with Mixed Cheese.  Again, it was alright.  The salad was very plain, like something pre-made in a bag.  A positive thing would be that the quesadilla was very properly toasted so it was crispy.  Just right.

Carlos Cantina: Mango & Brie Cheese Quesadilla

Now when I said I think the previous picture was SheShe’s, it’s because my main looked exactly the same don’t you think?  My order was the Mango & Brie Cheese Quesadilla.  Now I LOVE brie cheese, so I really wished there were more of that.  And mango too.  I think the mixed cheese completely overwhelmed the flavor of the brie.  This flavor combination could’ve definitely been executed better for sure.

So overall, not a complete miss but not somewhere I would go back.  But then, it’s not like I planned on going back to Victoria/Sidney anytime soon anyways~

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