Falls Buffet @ Snoqualmie Casino

If you like crabs and prime rib, this is the buffet for you folks.  Pretty Sis and I went down for a visit to our lovely aunt and uncle down in the States.  Now when my parents went down a couple times ago aunt and uncle had taken them to the Snoqualmie Casino for their buffet.  And my parents had raved about it since.  Now it was our chance to give it a try.

Let me just show you a few pictures.

Falls Buffet: dungeness crab

Falls Buffet

Falls Buffet: Lobster tail and Prime rib

Really, I think I could just shown you the pictures and be it with this post.  Aren’t they drool-inducing?  An unlimited mountain of dungeness crab and prime rib, plus a lobster tail per person.  All for $28.95USD on Saturday evenings.  Such a deal!

And boy those were big crab legs.  I wish I could’ve stomached more but I was only able to down one whole crab.  I blame the deliciously moist and well-seasoned prime rib for that!  I had two slices (only….=()

As for the lobster tail, it was also prepared very well.  It was a pretty big portion but it was seasoned quite salty, so that was the only down-side to it.  Otherwise it was moist and succulent.

Falls Buffet: shrimp stir-fry

Otherwise they also have a large selection of other stuff.  Look at these shrimp stir-fry!  They were HUGE~!!!  But again, a bit salty.

Falls Buffet

Falls Buffet

Falls Buffet

Falls Buffet

Falls Buffet: lemon meringue pie

Lastly they have quite the dessert selection also.  Your usual cheesecakes (they have about 3 types) and all sorts of pies, also soft serve and bread pudding and the sorts.  The lemon meringue pie was very very good and not too sweet.

Falls Buffet: Sweet & Sour pork and fried rice

But alas, if all those don’t entice you at all, you can rest assured they also have Sweet & Sour pork and fried rice~  And as my cousin (who when he was younger loved sweet & sour sauce over steamed rice) would tell you, it was delicious also.

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