Potter’s Garden Korean BBQ

My craving for a good galbi-tang has resurfaced recently…and I’ve been trying to find restaurants locally that have it.  Somehow I came across the lunch menu at Potter’s Garden on Urbanspoon and they do have it at a decent price (around $8) so I made a date with Hitman to go check it out.

Potter's Garden Korean BBQ: Banchan

Only 3 banchan…nothing too exciting here…we didn’t ask for refills.

Potter's Garden Korean BBQ: Bibimbap

Hitman had the bibimbap but in a regular bowl instead of the stone bowl one.  He says he’s not too fond of the hot bowl.

First thing I noticed is the fried egg.  I preferred the egg to be raw when I do order bibimbap.  But this could be due to the fact it’s not served in a hot stone bowl.

Taste-wise..meh~  Again nothing too exciting.

Potter's Garden Korean BBQ: Galbitang

Turns out they don’t have galbitang on their lunch menu anymore…so I paid $12 for this galbitang from the regular menu.  This looks NOTHING like the ones I had in the states at New Seoul and Ka Won.  Needless to say I was extremely disappointed.  The taste did not make up for the look either.  It was very average.  At least the beef rib were tender.  And there were some big pieces.

Pretty disappointed with this visit…so I very likely would not return for the non-bbq fare.  But I guess it must have gotten 90%+ rating on Urbanspoon for a reason…

Potter's Garden Korean BBQ 香辣里 on Urbanspoon


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