We’ve known of Coconama in Richmond for quite some time, and have had a few sample before, but never took the plunge to get anything. This time was different. I’m sure the fact that samples were tirelessly handed out helped a lot too. Among the flavors we sampled were Blueberry, Lemon Basil, Coffee, and Earl Grey. But most of all we were very intrigued by the pre-packaged cup ($5) that was aptly named “Coconama Salad”.


Why you ask? Well let’s see here…the flavors were Yam, Tomato, Avocado, and Kale.

Unanimously our favorite was the Yam. It was made with purple yam and tasted exactly like it, only in chocolate truffle-y form.

Avocado was not exciting…as avocado doesn’t really render much flavor anyways.

My second favorite was Tomato….T-Dog despised it lol. It did taste very much like real tomatoes and reminded me of this Japanese tomato candy I had a long time ago… (actually quite sad that I’m not able to find it anymore) so I actually loved this. I guess it’s a flavor to get used to~

For some reason we decided to save the Kale for last…not that we expected it to be the best tasting one or anything. And, well, it was very interesting. There were noticeable pieces of kale in it and it tasted very “fresh”…I described it as eating pine needles haha…not that it was scratchy and dry like actual needles, but it had that “fresh” scent when you bit into it.


Now for full disclosure, don’t expect to get full chocolate flavor from these…as my take of Coconama confectioners is that by “chocolate” they simply mean flavors incorporated into a creamy cocoa butter concoction. Still yummy in my standards 🙂
They had other flavors I really wanted to try to, like “Spicy” (supposedly like Chai), Yuzu, Sake and “Shiso”. But we’ll see~


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