Dine Out Vancouver 2013!!

Hey Vancouver it’s that time of year again! Numerous restaurants around the city offers 3-course dinners for $18/$28/$38 each! Hitman and I will for sure do at least one restaurant this year… It’s just been so busy!

One of my favorite dine-out restaurants in recent years has got to be Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company (see post here).  First of all they’re a pizzaria…and who doesn’t love pizza??  But the qualities that sets them apart is that they utilize local organic products, have gluten-free options, and family-friendly, and both restaurants have an open-kitchen concept so you can watch your food being prepared!

Their $18 dine-out menu basically allows you to choose an appy, an entree and a dessert from their regular menu.  But there’s so much to choose from (82 different combinations in total!) you will not be disappointed.

To kick off Dine-Out Vancouver, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company is hosting a contest on Facebook.  “Like” them on Facebook and you will be entered to win dine-out dinner for 2!

Mmmmmm pizza!!!


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