Bourbon St Grill

Bourbon St Grill

If you’ve been by the new Richmond Center food court, you’ve probably been accosted by the hawkers at Bourbon Street Grill.  Apparently it’s a franchise, and Coquitlam Center got theirs first, but for Wendy and I it was a new experience and based on their friendly staff and abundant samples we picked it as the first place to try in the food court.  But there are many other interesting choices for future visits, including a Korean BBQ joint with burgers too, and a really modern looking Japanese place that serves takoyaki and other street food as well as noodle and sushi dishes.   There’s too many interesting places to list here, so I’ll get to the review at hand:

Bourbon St Grill

The concept is based on Southern USA Cajun/Creole style cooking, so think comfort food.  The staff there are awesome, and don’t be shy to ask for samples of whatever catches your eye before you buy.

Bourbon St Grill

This is a sample of their meat dishes, including Cajun Chicken, Blackened Shrimp and Blackened Fish.

Bourbon St Grill

They are definitely all about variety, here we have Bourbon Pork, Louisiana Chicken, Bourbon Chicken and Mango Chicken.

Bourbon St Grill

Just a few of their sides, which include Home Fries, “Pasta” which looked suspiciously like Asian curried noodles, and their Mix Vegetables looked pretty Asian as well.   Also Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Green Beans and two choices of rice.

Bourbon St Grill: Bourbon Chicken and Blackened Chicken with Jambalaya Rice and Green Beans

I picked a 2 meat, 1 veggie combo which was between $8 and $9 (forgot to take a pic of the receipt).  I picked Bourbon Chicken and Blackened Chicken, with Jambalaya Rice and Green Beans for sides.  Everything here hit the mark, and this place could give Nando’s a run for its money in the flavour department.  The green beans were still firm and sweet, thankfully not overcooked, and the rice was mixed with a spicy sauce and beans, onions, etc.  Both meats were infused with lots of smokey BBQ flavour, with the Bourbon variety having more of a sweet kick than the blackened.  I was extremely stoked to discover this place, a really nice addition to the standard food court environment; I’m sure you will see locations popping up everywhere once word gets out.

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