Trusty Congee King – Hong Kong

Trusty Congee King in Hong Kong

Trusty Congee King is a franchised congee house in Hong Kong.  It was a great quick and easy place for comfort food.  This place seems to be known for using a fish stock as the base for their congee.

While we were in Hong Kong I stayed with Fannypack at her place.  Coincidentally it was the same neighbourhood I lived in before I immigrated to Canada.  It was cool to take a walk around to see how much it’s changed in 20+ years.

Trusty Congee King in Hong Kong: Congee with pork small intestine

Anyway back to the food.  I ordered something that you can’t really get in Vancouver.  It was congee with pork small intestine.  Usually in Canada you get the large intestine.  I enjoyed this.  The texture was very different from the large intestine.  The small one is ‘crunchier’ and less fatty and it also did not have the usual aroma of the large intestine.  I was very happy with my choice as they did put in many pieces.

As for the congee itself I have no complaints.  It was velvety and not over salty.  I don’t recall being noticeably thirsty afterwards.

Trusty Congee King in Hong Kong: Congee with fish slices

Fannypack had a boring congee with fish slices.  That’s all I have to say =P


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