Secret item “Triple Triple” at Triple O’s

For White Spot’s 85th anniversary, Triple O’s offered a secret menu item called the Triple Triple.  Why is it secret?  Because it’s not mentioned on their menu board…you have to be in the know to know to order it 😉

This is what they have to say about it:

It is “Triple Os biggest burger yet- a ¾ lb burger made with triple beef patties, triple cheese, lettuce, tomato and Triple “O” sauce topped with triple dills.”

We’ve recently received some vouchers to try them out (normally $14.95 for the combo) and here’s our opinion:

Triple O's Triple Triple Burger

Triple O's Triple Triple Burger

It was one humongous burger for sure.  I had to take out one patty and leave it aside.  In the end, we both thought there was way too much meat and cheese.  It made the burger overbearing and not really enjoyable to be honest.  The patties themselves were also extremely salty.  Hitman had the urge to drink water the rest of the night because of it.

I’ll stick to my Monty Mushroom.

Triple O's on Urbanspoon


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