U & I Thai


It’s very difficult to get Fannypack to make a choice…with me anyways. However for her birthday I finally got her to choose a place to eat.  She ended up picking U & I Thai in Cambie so a date was set!

We were supposed to pick a dish each but I of course ended up picking most of them.

On another note, it seems like the servers were Thai, so that gave me comfort on the authenticity of this place.

U & I Thai: Green Papaya Salad (Som Tum)

For appy I picked the Green Papaya Salad (Som Tum) ($10.95). The green Papaya shreds had the right amount of crunch. The dressing was a bit tart for me but it all melded very well together. Portion was a bit small.

U & I Thai: Authentic Pad Thai

Next up was the Authentic Pad Thai ($12.95). Why is it ‘authentic’ you ask?? Well it’s because instead of the usual ketchup-based sauce most other restaurants use, here they use a Tamarind sauce. Also interesting is the addition of banana flowers.

U & I Thai: Red Curry Duck with Lychee

For the obligatory curry dish I picked the Red Curry Duck with Lychee ($15.95). It was a sweet curry, likely due to the lychee. However there weren’t many pieces of them… Probably just 3? The duck was also in smaller shreds. Otherwise the sauce went quite well with rice.

U & I Thai: Swimming Rama

Finally Fannypack picked Swimming Rama ($14.00). Funny name but it’s actually just sauteed chicken with fresh spinach & peanut sauce. Nothing swimming here, unless you count swimming in sauce.

The peanut sauce was slightly sweet as expected. The spinach was soft, almost mushy as cooked spinach gets. The chicken was pretty white (unseasoned) so you really needed it to swim in the sauce. Now my description might make this dish sound unappetizing but the sauce made up for it. It was pretty yummy.

U & I Thai: Mango Cheesecake & Ice cream

Lastly, because I made the reservation and said it was for a birthday, the restaurant brought out a dessert of Mango cheesecake and ice cream!! It was really nice of them and very much appreciated! It’s always nice when restaurants go the extra mile to bring a smile to their customer’s face. Small gesture but makes a big difference!! They even sang and made a spectacle of it!!

I had a great experience here, and couldn’t wait to bring Hitman back since he LOOOOVES Thai food. Even better is that Livingsocial currently has a deal where you can get $12 worth of food for $24!!! Score!

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