DAVIDsTEA’s Choconut Oolong

DavidsTea Choconut Oolong

I’ve been a fan of DAVIDsTEA for a while now (who isn’t??).  My longtime favorite has always been and still is Mulberry Magic (why haven’t I blogged that yet??).  One holiday shopping day though I tried one of the limited edition flavors – Choconut Oolong – in latte form…and it blew my mind.

DavidsTea Choconut Oolong

I can only describe it as Nutella-in-a-cup. You are immediately hit with a shot of earthy nuttiness similar to biting into a Brazil nut. Ingredients include cocoa husks and cocoa beans along with natural and artificial flavoring (I’m betting hazelnut’s in there). The addition of liquorice gives it a natural sweetness so no additional sweetener is necessary!! The cocoa flavor is the least prominent though.

DavidsTea Choconut Oolong

However I find that you need to make this tea really strong to make the flavors come out. Seriously, don’t hold back on the scoops.

I made mine tonight with chocolate almond milk for added chocolatiness =) SOOOOO good!  Too bad it’s only here for the holiday season…so get it while you can!!!  Hopefully it’ll be back this Christmas???


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  1. This sounds delicious, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. 🙂

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