BK Breakfast – Double Croissan’wich Meal + BK Iced Mocha Joe

Welcome to the first of three posts of our day trip to Washington State.  Wendy and I decided to go down there and see what we can pick up before the Memorial Day weekend.  We rushed to the border, but hopelessly knew that we couldn’t last the trip without a good breakfast to power the drive.  Heading towards the southbound entrance to Hwy 99, we quickly dropped by the Burger King located in Ironwood Mall.  The drive-thru was our preference this time.  Wendy has never tried Burger King  (not that she remembers) breakfast before, so I thought this was a perfect chance for her to try it.  FYI, it is definitely better than M’s stuff.

The Double Croissan’wich – the star of the meal.  It consists of eggs, sausage, bacon and that melted, stretchy cheese you see in the picture.  The “croissant” part of the sandwich was quite warm which made it taste even better.  The reason why I particular prefer BK breakfast sandwiches over M’s is that BK makes an effort to make and keep it hot when they serve it.

Hashbrowns, the quintessential part of a western breakfast, are loved by everyone I know.  I prefer these over fries any time of the day.  BK does it a bit differently that M’s as they created bite size hashbrown ‘pucks”.  Wendy loved them as they were very “cute”.  It’s easy to eat, althought I must say that the hashbrowns from M’s do taste better.  Since we were on the road, I didn’t bother to use the ketchup provided and ate it all up as is.  So satisfying…

Burger King: Mocha BK Joe Ice Coffee

Another BK Promotional item:  The Mocha BK Joe Ice Coffee.  This was definitely the surprise item for the week for me.  I expected some bland mix with ice and was pushed as part of a promo.  I was dead wrong.  The Mocha BK Joe Iced Coffee was just the right amount of sweetness, strong enough coffee flavor and it came in a very big cup!  I was expecting the small cups that accompany M’s attempt at iced coffee in the recent months.  I am too pleasantly surprised and I give this item a big thumbs up!  Good job, BK!

All in all, a very satisfying breakfast to lead off the day.  Wendy was very content with the meal as well.  She also digs the Mocha BK Joe Iced Coffee.  So please, if you guys ever wake up early and don’t know what to do (breakfast ends at 11am at BK), then go on ahead to BK to give it a try.

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Tony’s Pea Patch Cafe

For breakfast one day while visiting my aunt and uncle in the States they took us to a new cafe.  Tony’s Pea Patch Cafe is family owned, and they serve what I call comfort food – big portions, greasy, filling, yummy.

Tony's Pea Patch Cafe

They serve breakfast till late afternoon on weekends.  My aunt was greeted by owner Tony from the kitchen when we stepped in.  This tells me that they serve home-cooked recipes here.

Tony's Pea Patch Cafe

They also sell a lot of other stuff.  At the waiting area, there are lots of stuffed animals and balloons for sale.  They also make their own freezer jam that is used in the restaurant, and is for sale too.  Along with their regular menu that’s on their website, they have a daily specials chalkboard that you can only see in-store.

Tony's Pea Patch Cafe: Country Fried Steak

One such item on that board is this Country Fried Steak.  It was YUMMY.  I think it was a ground beef/pork steak deep fried, and slathered with homemade gravy.  This is probably the best type of gravy I’ve ever had.  There’s bits of ground up meat in it.  This can NOT be good for my arteries!  But it was SO YUM!!!  In our party of 6, 3 of us ordered this exact same order – with over-easy eggs.

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