Anatolia’s Gate

While the name might conjure up spooky images of a bad ’80s horror movie or a cheesy black metal band, Anatolia’s Gate is actually a Turkish restaurant offering plenty of delicious and interesting departures from the usual Middle Eastern donairs and such.  We’ve stopped by a few times since I first heard about it through a coworker this summer and each time were pretty impressed with the food so it’s high time for a review.

On the first visit we ordered Chicken Guvech, Urfa Kabob, Ezme, and Lavash.  There were a couple of mistakes with our orders but the staff was extremely polite and friendly so all was forgiven.  And besides fixing our orders they let us keep an extra order of lavash on the house so that was nice too of course 🙂

Anatolia's Gate: Lavash

The Lavash bread ($2-$4-$6) is the star of the show at this restaurant and was selected as one of the 101 things to taste in Vancouver by Vancouver Magazine.  My coworker had gushed endlessly about it at work and seemingly drooled at the mere thought of it, so Wendy and I made sure to include it in our meal.

Anatolia's Gate

Anatolia's Gate: Lavash

It’s baked to order right in front of you at their traditional hot stone oven along with many of their other dishes.  You can choose whole wheat or white for this or any of their other dishes that use this dough and we ended up trying both (they’re both equally delicious).  Sprinkled with oil and sesame seeds and served up warm and fluffy with a side of haydari/cacik dip (not listed on the menu but it was one of these Turkish dips which are similar to a tzatziki), it’s something we have since stopped by to pick up just to have as a side dish for a home cooked meal.  So it’s good enough that a trip for lavash alone is worthwhile!

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Laziza Modern Mediterranean – A Tasting Event

I was fortunate enough to be among some fellow bloggers invited to a tasting event held by a new-ish Mediterranean restaurant on Davie – Laziza.

Just to give a bit of background on the restaurant, according to the press release, the menu is inspired by the regional classics from Lebanon, Morocco, Greece and Italy, but with a twist of course.  They also seem to use quality ingredients as free-range, hormone-free tenderloin beef, chicken and lamb, and many organic ingredients (but don’t mistake that as the whole dish being organic though…just certain components).

Now after reading that I would think their prices would be pretty up there, but if you take a look at their menu you’ll realize they’re not.  Now does that mean the quality and taste of the food are not up to par?  I’ll soon find out.

Laziza Modern Mediterranean

Laziza Modern Mediterranean

Laziza Modern Mediterranean

As you can see the decor is definitely modern.  It certainly had touches of the Mediterranean with its blue and brown/tan theme.  It was very welcoming and inviting.  It didn’t hurt that it was such a sunny day either~

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Sanafir – CLOSED

It was Mommy’s birthday last week, so Pretty Sis and I took Mom and her sister (our aunt obviously) out to Downtown for dinner.

Traditionally we had taken her to fine-dining.  However this year, I’ve decided to make full use of my $5 Let’s Go For Dinner membership (it’s $15 now), so we took her to Sanafir.

For those of you that don’t know what Let’s Go For Dinner is, basically membership enables you to purchase certificates to a list of Vancouver restaurants for 50% off.  The denominations usually come in $30 or $50, and you only pay $15 and $25 respectively for them.  If you decide to join, please use my referral code RAF315892 so that we can both get goodies from them!

Now just to show my devotion to you all, I’m going to risk receiving legal action from the restaurant to post the rest of the pictures~  More on that later.

Sanafir exterior

It has an interesting entrance this place.  I wonder if it’s the theme of Granville St (since Granville Room was equally hard to find). There’s no sign above the restaurant, which means it’s quite difficult to find it if you’re trying to drive by without a GPS to tell you the proximity of the place.  Good thing PS has been here before so she steered us the right way.

Sanafir "window" seat

If you look closely to the previous storefront picture, you’ll see that there’s no actual glass in front of the “window” seats.  As we were part of the earliest ones there (even though it was 6:15pm), naturally we were seated by the “window” seat.  At first I thought Mom and Aunt wouldn’t like sitting there due to the obvious complains of smoke and exhaust and dust and etc, I was surprised she (they) didn’t object.

Mommy didn’t even object when I made her stick her arm out to the public!

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