Boston Pizza – ‘Italy for Little-y’

Wendy and I really wanted to try the Milestone’s promotion of “Couple’s Night’ last Wednesday.  But because I get off work at 8PM and could make it back into Richmond by 8:30PM, it was too late.  The waiting list was quite long and they stopped taking names.   So, we walked over to Boston Pizza to check it out.  I haven’t been back to Boston Pizza for about two years now.  Not that they are bad, but just never thought of going there.  The place has been renovated!  And they are large Italian flags hung from many places.  They certainly are merchandising their promotion in full force.

Boston Pizza: Orange Dreamsicle

As for starters, the Orange Dreamsicle was excellent!  I remember Wendy’s Sunkist float bottled drink a month back and this seemed like a good item to do a comparison.  BP definitely got the dreamsicle taste just right.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Boston Pizza: 10" Pesto Chicken thin-crust pizza

The pizza was not big at all.  They claim it was 10″ but I think it’s a bit shy of that.  The Pesto Chicken thin-crust pizza was very satisfying.   It didn’t taste “dough-y” at all.  Every bite had a piece of chicken in it and the herbs they used in it blended very well with it.  I didn’t think they would put enough pesto in it but they did.  Very fragrant.  Thumbs up for this!

Boston Pizza: Three Cheese Penne

The biggest surprise of the night was the Three Cheese Penne.  OMG, thinking of it makes me drool.  The garlic bread on the side was pretty good too.  It’s unlike the a small spot of garlic you get at Chinese places.  Although it looked like it was a definite source of 1000 calories, Wendy and I loved it.  I had troubles leaving some for Wendy’s lunch the next day.  I will definitely order it again.

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Original Joe’s

Today was Cambie street’s All-Access party…I think it’s to celebrate the reopening of Cambie Street.  However, it doesn’t seem like it actually IS reopened…since construction was going on.

A bunch of coworkers and I went to join the party after work.  Honestly, it wasn’t much of a party.  However, we went to Original Joe’s for dinner.  G from Edmonton told us that it is quite a popular restaurant back in Alberta.  I’ve personally never been here so I was eager to try it.

Original Joe's

Original Joe’s is a very bar/pub type restaurant.  Unpretentious and loud.  It’s very casual and most people here are just in a t-shirt and jeans.

Original Joe's Sangria

They have a daily specials board at the top of the bar.  Saturday’s special feature $3 pints of selected beer and $4.75 housemade Sangria, which is what L and I ordered.  It was very red-winey…more so than I’m used to.  I wished it was a bit more fruity.

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