Myeongdong, Seoul Street Eats – Part 2

Did you ever think that you could have a working oven assembled on a street cart?  One that could produce freshly baked yummy cakes?  One particularily memorable street eat Fannypack and I had in Seoul was a snack made from one of these incredible innovations….

Myeongdong, Seoul Street Food

Myeongdong, Seoul Street Food

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After 5 years… I’ve finally found you! I ♥ u Ho-dduk…

My first encounter with ho-dduk was around 5 or 6 years ago at the Night Market in Richmond. It was by the same clan that now does the hurricane potatoes and fish waffles. They made fish waffles back then too but no hurricane potatoes.

I got one because it was only $1 each and I love anything chewy and rice flour-y and man was I glad I tried one. However, a few years ago the clan stopped making them and I was so disappointed to not be able to have them yearly 😦


But this year my luck has changed. On a visit to the Summer Night Market this year, I asked the same stall if they still make sweet rice pancake. They said no, but that a few stalls over did. They also taught us what it’s called. It sounds like “hot dog”.

This particular food stall made their version with lots of nuts.  Too bad we didn’t get a fresh one…It was kept hot on the grill and got more crispy on the outside from that… When it’s piping fresh it should be chewy and soft.  Nonetheless Hitman and I enjoyed it very very much and Hitman especially enjoyed the oozing goodness.  For me probably more so due to the fact I had been longing for it for so long.  But for Hitman, it was his first time.  At first we debated getting two, but him being the health nut he is insisted we share one.  However, one bite into it he basically fought me for it.  But with the expression he made when he had it…it was the cutest thing ever…I had to let him eat more of it.

I was then determined to find out if I could get it anywhere else, so I eventually asked my Korean coworker where I can get this ho-dduk.

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Phnom Penh 金邊小館

After hearing so much about the chicken wings and Butter Beef at Phnom Penh, I was finally able to go to try them out!  I think we over-ordered though.  Way too much food for 2 people.

Phnom Penh is a Cambodian/Vietnamese restaurant, but they also make food from other regions too as you shall see.

(Please ignore the date!  Forgot to turn off the date stamp function!)

This is the revered Butter Beef ($12.85).  It is thinly sliced pieces of raw beef brushed with butter then covered with a special garlicky vinagrette.  Topped with LOTS and LOTS of cilantro (man I love cilantro!!!!).

It was good and the beef were tender but I found the vinagrette a bit too sour.

Now their famous Garlic Chicken Wings ($7.95).  It was deep-fried goodness!  It was served with a lime pepper dipping sauce.  Each piece was juicy and tender.

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Richard Walker’s Pancake House

On our last day in San Diego, some of our girls asked the front desk person where’s a good nearby place to go for breakfast. We were suggested Richard Walker’s Pancake House and so that’s where we headed. We were warned though, it’s a very popular place and there could be long waits.

Richard Walker's Pancake House exterior

Now when I saw their advertisement on a San Diego magazine, they advertised the Apple Pancake. If you remember, I ate at this place in Kirkland, WA called The Original Pancake House (post here) and they had the exact same thing. In fact, the menus are very similar. I wondered if they’re the same company but they have separate websites, so I’m guessing one is copying the other.

Richard Walker's Pancake House interior

But I must say, this place looks nicer than the other one.

So now on with the food!

Richard Walker's Pancake House: Banana Flap-jacks

O chose the Banana Flap-jacks.  In the menu it said that the bananas were baked into the pancakes, but as you can clearly see that’s not the case..  She said that they were good.  We all tried a piece and the pancakes were nice and fluffy.

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Deli Nippon

Deli Nippon storefront

Someone has left a message on multiple food blogs regarding this place.  I was wary at first since the gist of the message is basically the same.  However, since it was ramen related, my interest was peaked.

Deli Nippon interior

Deli Nippon interior

As you can see it’s a small place.  4 tables in total.  Most of their menu (actually I think the whole thing) is posted on the wall.  It wasn’t packed but there were people coming in constantly.

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