Simba’s Grill on Denman

Been wanting to try foods of a different culture for a while.  Finally my chance came when I went to dinner with G.  He gave me 3 choices: Korean, Ramen, or African.  I picked African right away.

Simba's Grill on Denman

So that became Simba’s Grill on Denman (they also have a location in Burnaby).  Apparently another coworker had raved about it.

I immediately looked up the menu online and I’ll have to admit, I was slightly disappointed to find out that it’s more “African Fusion” and the food is more like Indian-African.  In other words they really serve curries and such.  They do also serve kebabs hence the “Grill” part of their name.

But then, I guess I wasn’t really hoping for lions and elephants.

Simba's Grill on Denman

The interior is nicely decorated.  Very low lighting so it’s quite romantic really.  Aside from the boss guy, they servers were Japanese dressed in (?) African attire.

Simba's Grill on Denman: condiments

From the start they placed a place of condiments down.  The server did forget to bring us water though, we had to ask for it.

From the top, is a savory coconutty sauce, next is a spicy tamarind sauce and then it’s a thick yogurt-type dip.

The boss guy came around to every table to greet everyone.  When he arrived at ours, G asked for recommendations.  He asked if we liked Lamb and I do, but unfortunately G doesn’t, so we digressed.  He did give a few recommendations such as the cream curry and the grilled lamb.  Alas, we did not go with his recommendations.

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