Babylon Cafe

Babylon Cafe

I’m probably very late on trying on Babylon Cafe.  A few coworkers had raved about this place and finally I was able to try it.  I had just gotten off work so I was hungry, plus it was pouring rain so a piping hot wrap in my hands definitely fit the bill.  It helped too that the aroma was overwhelmingly mouth-watering.

Babylon Cafe: Sharwarma

I ordered the Lamb Sharwarma ($6.95) while my companion had the Chicken ($5.95).  I had all the veggies on mine except any of the peppers.  I omitted the spicy sauce also.  It seems that they do fill the wrap up quite a bit.

Babylon Cafe: Lamb Sharwarma

I however didn’t like the wrap.  It was a very dry, thin pita pocket.  I would’ve preferred something softer or at least warmed up.  It was like eating sandpaper.

They included both the crunchy and softer parts of the meat.  However it wasn’t flavored very well, not enough spices/marinade.  In fact, I found it quite tasteless.  The most flavorful part was probably the chopped parsley stuff.

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