Best Masala Chai Ever!

So after the failed Spot Prawn Festival visit, PS and I just decided to head to Granville Island for a stroll.  Trying out GoFish was out of the question too as that line up was probably the same length as the one to buy tickets for the prawn boil.

Then PS remembered the best Masala Chai in Vancouver, and took me there.

Granville Island Tea Company

And where did we get said best masala chai?  At Granville Island Tea Company.

Making tea at Granville Island Tea Company

It is freshly brewed and so it took a little while.  It was a Saturday after all but then I really thought the girls could’ve given more smiles or actually answered simple questions like “Is this my order right here?” without giving us eye-rolls.  That was honestly not necessary.

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Vancouver Olympics 2010 Eats Around Town 2

I didn’t end up posting the next day after all…but here’s the rest of it.

The next day I visited Granville Island with Pretty Sis.  She wanted to visit The House of Switzerland (not really a house, just Bridges Restaurant offering a few Swiss menu choices), I wanted to visit Atlantic Canada House.

House of Switzerland

First up House of Switzerland.  They had the bistro option or the restaurant option.  However you needed to make reservations in advance for the restaurant option, and the lineup for the bistro was around 45min-1 hour.  We ended up not doing that.

House of Switzerland

Instead, we lined up at the front where they had a tasting of Raclette Cheese on bread for $8.  Now $8 is a lot but we actually didn’t feel too badly about it because the way it was prepared, we didn’t think we would see or be able to experience it again here in Vancouver.

House of Switzerland

What they do is, the heat up half a wheel of the Raclette cheese under an interesting burner.  Once the cheese is melted, they slide the cheese out and spread it onto slices of bread.  It is served with pickled small pearl onions and mini pickles.  See the video below!

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Vancouver Olympics 2010 Eats Around Town

Vancouver Olympics 2010

Wow it’s been a crazy week last week obviously.  If you hadn’t noticed, Vancouver’s hosting the current 2010 Winter Olympics so Boyfriend and I had been around town enjoying the festivities.  After all, we’re two of the many, MANY unofficial sponsors of the games from the province of BC.

So that explains the lack of posts…but hopefully this sort of makes up for it~

O-ZONE: Japanese Hot Dog

First up, Richmond’s O-ZONE.  I had Boyfriend visit that with me.  There actually really wasn’t much to see.  It was actually quite boring.  As I dragged him out before we could even eat, he was famished and bought whatever he could find.

As expected, food prices was highly hiked.  A bottle of Coke was $4 for heaven’s sake.  Boyfriend got tempted by the so-called Japanese Hot Dog.  They must’ve heard about the success of JapaDog.

That’s what it looks like above.  That thing cost $5.50.  I’ll leave it at that.

German Fan Fest

Next, the first pavilion/house we went to after visiting the Cauldron was German Fan Fest (not to be confused with Saxony House, which is also German-based).  It was located at 555 West Cordova Street.

Pretty Sis strongly recommended we come here for the bratwurst.

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BK Mushroom Swiss Steakhouse Burger

BK Mushroom Swiss Steakhouse Burger

Originally since it was Wednesday, I wanted to take advantage of Whopper Wednesday and get a Whopper.

However, as I pulled near the drive-thru window, the big huge advertisement for the BK Mushroom & Swiss Steakhouse Burger caught my eye and it was too enticing to pass up.

So I gave up the $1.49 Whopper and splurged on the much more $$$ Steakhouse.

Burger King fries

I could’ve behaved and had the burger by itself.  But no, I had to get the “Value Meal”.

Good thing they had good fries.  Having worked at a BK before, I totally knew how ghastly the fries would’ve been if they have used old oil.  These were a nice pale golden color, tasted fresh, with no hint of old oil.  I’m usually partial to McD’s fries but these were seriously not bad.

BK Mushroom Swiss Steakhouse Burger

Even before I opened the wrap I could smell the “flame-broiled”ness.

However, I must say, they did a pretty bad job on assembly.  They could’ve used a bigger bun ie. the Whopper bun but they had to use the Whopper Jr. bun.  Honestly, it doesn’t take that much effort to make a burger look presentable.  Whoever assembled must really not care.

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Dine-out Vancouver 2008: The Cat’s Meow – CLOSED

This is actually from way back in January.  We went for DOV at The Cat’s Meow which is located in Granville Island. This was one of the restaurants offering a $25 menu.

The ambiance of this restaurant is like a lounge, with tvs located throughout the bar for the Canucks fans of the city. The night we went it didn’t seem too busy, but the lower level of the restaurant was filled, so they sat us upstairs. I quite liked that since it wasn’t as loud in the upper level.

The Cat's Meow: crab cakes

For our appetizer, we both picked the crab cakes as they had this on their menu: “the story of our crab cakes: years ago we ventured down south in an attempt to research the cutting edge of dining. we tried a crab cake that was unforgettable; this was an item we had to put on our menu. after weeks of trial and error we finally created the perfect recipe. now after eight years… still our #1 selling recipe.” How could we not try it after that introduction??

The Cat's Meow: Yam Fries

We also ordered the Yam Fries by itself. I love yam fries. It came in quite a big portion for $5.99 I thought.The crab cakes were just okay. I’ve had better, namely from Mi Bar & Grill. So I didn’t what they were talking about being “unforgettable”. But then, I’m not a professional food critic…
The yam fries were good though. However, I think that because of the huge portion, the fries at the bottom got a bit soggy. Also, our batch was probably the end of the batch since we seemed to get a lot of small pieces and ends. It was satisfactory at most. If they were full long pieces I think I would’ve enjoyed it more.

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