Old Bavaria Haus

Old Bavaria Haus

Wendy and I don’t usually eat out with others.  Probably because my schedule is pretty messed and it’s already tough enough to go out with Wendy!  So it was a pretty night to be on a ‘triple date’ with a very good buddy and his girlfriend and another couple of whom were his friends.  The occasion was his birthday.  It sucks because he is still younger than I am! LOL  Anyways, we arrived at Old Bavaria Haus at 1900 hours in hopes of a good time!

Old Bavaria Haus interior

It took a few minutes for our orders to be done. We ordered some red wine to fully appreciate our main courses and a couple of appetizers.

Old Bavaria Haus: Champignon "Au Gratin"

This was the Champignon “Au Gratin”.  Outside of the word ‘da’, my German comprehension skills are at zero.  According to the menu, it is decribed as  “mushroom caps, topped with shrimp, bearnaise, melted cheese”.  I found it to be pretty good for an appetizer to get my cravings going.  Wendy thought it was alright, nothing out of the ordinary.

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Vancouver Olympics 2010 Eats Around Town

Vancouver Olympics 2010

Wow it’s been a crazy week last week obviously.  If you hadn’t noticed, Vancouver’s hosting the current 2010 Winter Olympics so Boyfriend and I had been around town enjoying the festivities.  After all, we’re two of the many, MANY unofficial sponsors of the games from the province of BC.

So that explains the lack of posts…but hopefully this sort of makes up for it~

O-ZONE: Japanese Hot Dog

First up, Richmond’s O-ZONE.  I had Boyfriend visit that with me.  There actually really wasn’t much to see.  It was actually quite boring.  As I dragged him out before we could even eat, he was famished and bought whatever he could find.

As expected, food prices was highly hiked.  A bottle of Coke was $4 for heaven’s sake.  Boyfriend got tempted by the so-called Japanese Hot Dog.  They must’ve heard about the success of JapaDog.

That’s what it looks like above.  That thing cost $5.50.  I’ll leave it at that.

German Fan Fest

Next, the first pavilion/house we went to after visiting the Cauldron was German Fan Fest (not to be confused with Saxony House, which is also German-based).  It was located at 555 West Cordova Street.

Pretty Sis strongly recommended we come here for the bratwurst.

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