Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt

After the lobster sashimi dinner we were ready for MORE ice cream.  G has heard about Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt and I was excited to take them there.

Timothy's Frozen Yogurt

I’ve been to this place ever since I was a kid.  I remember when I was only allowed to get the Kid’s size to when I was finally allowed to have my own Single.  I felt like a grown-up!

I’ve tested many flavors over the years and alas I’ve always come back to either Blueberry or Cherry, the latter being my most frequent choice.

Aside from frozen yogurt, they also serve gelato, coffee, sandwiches and more of the sort.

Timothy's Frozen Yogurt fruit selection

The daily available fruits are written on a menu board above, but you can always just take a look at the freezer to see what’s offered.  They use frozen fruits here but that’s ok, after all, isn’t the nutritional value of fresh and frozen fruits (and veggies) the same???

Timothy's Cherry Frozen Yogurt

I chose Cherry again this time.  I shared a Single cup with L1 which cost $3.50.  The others got Mixed Berries and Banana.  They didn’t share so they each got a Kid’s size for $2.50 each.  L1 was surprised how good Cherry was, as she was expecting an artificial cherry candy flavor.  I reminded her that this was real fruit, not candy.

As for why I like Blueberry and Cherry, it’s ‘cuz they’re the sweetest of the fruits available!

I saw that they offer Mango this time.  I’ll try it next time.

Oh, the way they make this is, they get a block of plain (Vanilla?) frozen yogurt, place it into a big mixer thing, add the fruit, and blend it while dispensing into the container.  This leads to the middle part of your swirl always having some of the just plain yogurt.  Pretty Sister and I used to “compete” to see who got more of the plain stuff, as we liked it plain also.

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Ichiro Japanese Restaurant w/ Friends

This dinner was planned for about a month.  A few weeks ago I saw the comment in my previous Ichiro Japanese Restaurant review and saw that the commenter did not have a good experience here.  That worried me as I had highly recommended it to my coworkers.  It was also tediously planned so I really didn’t want to change anything.  Thankfully whatever happened that night to harrysaxon that night did not happen to us.  If you’re reading this harrysaxon, I really want you to change your mind about it.  Perhaps it was one of their off-nights.  Please do attempt to try it again!

So on to the review~!!

G is afraid of food with heads attached.  Apparently he can’t eat anything with eyes such as prawns because he feels like they’re looking at him.

I thought of the perfect dinner outing for him.  L1, L2 and J were very excited at my idea.  It was quite fun.  All we told him was we’re taking him to Mystery Meat Dinner.  That secret was kept for around 4 weeks.  Up until we arrived at the restaurant and it was served, he didn’t know exactly what we had planned for him.

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant: Beef Sashimi

But before we spoil the surprise, we ordered a bunch of other stuff first.

The Beef Sashimi was really good, at least to me.  The beef was very flavorful, it wasn’t just the taste of the dipping sauce but I could actually taste something else.  I really enjoyed it.  I didn’t think raw beef could taste like this.

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant: Spicy Tuna Sashimi

Spicy Tuna Sashimi was not my choice.  First of all, I really think that if I were to order sashimi, I like it as is to taste the true flavor of the flesh.  Any type of sauce covers the natural tastiness of the fish.

Having said that, the was just ok.  The sauce was yummy, but again I wouldn’t pick it.

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant: Tuna Belly and Salmon Belly Sashimi

It seems that my co-workers like to stick with the tried-and-true stuff.  G and L2 loves Toro Sashimi (left), and with good reason.  It was buttery and fatty and melt-in-your-mouth goodness….no bones here!  But it had better be with a price tag of $13.95.

On the right is Salmon Toro Sashimi.   I kind of picked this one as I’ve never had Salmon Toro before.  I thought it was presented beautifully.  I enjoyed it too.  It was slightly fattier than normal Salmon Sashimi, but aside from the aesthetic value, I wasn’t really wow-ed.  This was $13.95 also.

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Steveston Seafood House

Steveston Seafood House

Finally blogging this restaurant.  As you can kind of see, there’s snow on the ground.  This is from that deep-freeze period of Dec-Jan earlier this year.

It wasn’t that the restaurant wasn’t good and I didn’t want to recommend it.  On the contrary, Steveston Seafood House was excellent.  I just felt that I didn’t take good pictures to show-off the excellency of the food.  I thought I would probably go back some time but there was just too many other restaurants I wanted to try that I haven’t gotten the chance to go back yet.

I believe this was when I got my first or second paycheque, so obviously I treated Mom out to dinner.  Dad and Boyfriend tagged along.

Steveston Seafood House: Famous Appetizer Platter

We ordered 2 appies to share.  First was their Famous Appetizer Plate. How this works is that it’s $11.50 per person (or portion), and you choose how big a portion you want.  This was for 2 people, so basically everything came in two.

There was fresh oysters, crab cakes, Canadian bacon-wrapped scallops, calamari, shrimps, and prawns.  It was a pretty interesting presentation.  Mom liked it.

Steveston Seafood House: Mussel Appetizer

Second appy was the Mussel Appetizer which is steamed in white wine, butter and garlic ($11.95).  You can choose to have clams instead of you want.

The mussels were big and plump.  Dad especially enjoyed the broth.

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Ichiro Japanese Restaurant

We had heard of Ichiro Japanese restaurant from our friend, who highly recommended it.  It took us a few hurdles to finally be able to visit it.  The first time, we tried on a Monday.  We arrived to realize that it’s closed on Mondays.  The next time, intelligent us decided to go on a Saturday.  Not unexpectedly, it was packed.  Finally, we smartened up and made reservations, and here we are!

Their reservation system is one of the best we’ve encountered.  Meaning, we waited less than 5 minutes to get our table.

They have a daily special board.  Even if you don’t notice it, the waitress will come around explaining everything to you.  We ordered two things from the daily menu: Iwashi (Sardine) Sashimi and Big Amaebi (Sweet Prawn) Sashimi.  From their regular menu we ordered a Steveston Roll, Tuna Yamakake (mountain yam), and Nabeyaki Udon.

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant: Iwashi (Sardine) Sashimi

Iwashi (Sardine) Sashimi

The Iwashi sashimi was DELICIOUS, to say the least.  It was beautifully plated and fresh.  The fish was indeed bony, as first decribed by our waitress, but the bones were soft and pliable, easy chewed and swallowed.  It was a fishier fish but not in the bad fish-market-smell way.  I guess the best way I can describe it would be that you are certain you are eating fish, but the scent is in no way offensive.  It was really good either with soya sauce (really brings out the flavor), or with the provided grated ginger and green onions.  This cost $8.95.

A note about sardine sashimi.  This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen it offered in a japanese restaurant.  It certainly isn’t offered everywhere all the time.  A few days later I took a walk with my mom at Steveston Pier where fishing boats dock and sell fish.  I noticed there were boats now selling fresh sardines.  I am guessing that maybe that’s the new fish being offered/available lately?  Anyways you’ve got to try it.

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant: Big Amaebi Sashimi

Big Amaebi Sashimi

Big Amaebi Sashimi was just the way I liked ’em…”gooey” and sweet, and BIG.  The price-tag for these were BIG too…a whopping $18.00 for 6 prawns.  However I felt like splurging and spoiling myself tonight so I ordered it.  The Boyfriend didn’t appreciate them as I did so I ate most of it.

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Kari House Restaurant

Kari House

Kari House

Kari House is a malaysian restaurant in Steveston Village.  It was quite packed when we visited, but then it WAS a Friday night so not surprising.  We were promptly seated even though we did not make reservations.  The restaurant’s location is quite near the end of the whole Steveston deck housing the restaurants, so there was good view of the river (Fraser River?).

Kari House Restaurant: Wonton Goreng

We started with an appetizer of Wonton Goreng, which is basically deep fried wontons.  It was served with a chili plum sauce.  It costs $4.95 for 8 pieces.

It was not bad, but nothing to call home about.  Typically deep-fried food.  I personally wouldn’t have ordered it but the Boyfriend wanted it.  He always wants the caucasian-asian foods.

Kari House Restaurant: Char Tang Hoon

For my entree, I picked a noodle dish which I’ve never had before.  We like to do that sometimes when we’re feeling adventurous, and this was one of those nights.  My pick was called Char Tang Hoon.  It’s described as “Stir fried glass noodles with chicken & vegetables in sweet chili sauce“.  It was quite unique as I’ve never had it before.  The sauce however tasted just like how I would expect Pad Thai would taste.  It was just the type of noodles used that was different.  This dish cost $9.95.

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