The Copper Pig BBQ and Social House

The Prince George Man

PG Man in all his glory

During the month of July I went to Prince George to visit Pretty Sis.  She’s been there for about a year and this is the first time I’ve been there.

What the HELL is she doing in PG you ask?  Well, TedBear stole her away that’s why.  DAMN YOU TEDBEAR!

Just kidding.  TedBear’s awesome.  He would’ve been MORE awesome if he wasn’t in PG, but I digress 😉

As we know the month of July was pretty hot, and you would be right to assume even hotter in PG.  The weeks leading up to my visit, it was around 32C and up over there.  However, I apparently brought the Vancouver rain over.

That’s right.  The moment I landed there was a thunder/lighting storm in PG.  And the cloudiness and rain did not leave until the moment I got into the airport to leave.

The Copper Pig BBQ and Social House

They were super gracious hosts.  One night for dinner they took me to a local joint in downtown PG.  The Copper Pig BBQ & Social House is a popular hangout.

Fun fact: the other “Social House” is trying to sue this one for using the term “social house” in their name.  I didn’t know but I feel the the bigger guy is trying to bully this place.  I didn’t even know that social house wasn’t a generic term.  Apparently it’s trademarked?

The Copper Pig BBQ and Social House, Citrus Shasta and English Punch

Anyways, as it was a Friday they were doing specials on their Infused Beverages.  What’s that you ask?  Well it’s a selection of mixed drinks prepared with their own infused spirits.

I first started with the Citrus Shasta which is an infused citrus vodka paired with lemonade.  It was tangy and refreshing.  But then, the rain I brought with me was refreshing enough in itself =/

My second drink was the English Punch which is a Cucumber Cilantro Punch made with Herbal Infused Gin.  It was licorice-y and minimally sweet.  I wish the cucumber flavor came through more.

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