♥ Valentine Adventures ♥ (White Tower and r. tl CLOSED)

***Update: Please see end of post for SocialShopper’s reply***

We had quite an interesting Valentine’s celebration last weekend, with a few mishaps along the way…so to bring you guys the juicy (no, not that juicy) details we decided to collaborate on this one in the spirit of V-day.  I’ll go first:

So for our dinner, Hitman and I had purchased a voucher through SocialShopper for $40 worth of food and drinks at Regional Tasting Lounge, also swankily known as r.tl.  Before the purchase we had looked at their menu online to see what they had to offer.  It turns out on their regular menu they had what they called {“La Formule” for Two} which is basically a set menu for two, so we decided on that.

However, when we settled at the restaurant and ordered it, we were informed that the voucher was not valid for the “La Formule”.

We checked the voucher. It clearly says that it’s for “$40 Worth of Food and Drinks at Regional Tasting Lounge” and that it “Can’t be combined with other offers”.  We asked for clarification as the set menu was offered in their regular menu and not off of a special offers menu.

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牛仔餐廳 Cattle Cafe

As promised!  Cattle Cafe post!!

I’ve went to the Richmond location quite a few times already.  It was around the time the no-MSG fish-soup-noodle-combo thing started to get popular.  They really do make quite good food.  And they’re always packed.

When a good good friend of mine came to visit from Taiwan, we wanted a no-frills lunch so I took her there.  It was probably the only time in quite a few years that I ventured into the Alexandra Road area on a Sunday at 1pm.  I really hope I never have to do that again actually….

Cattle Cafe: Cilantro (they call it Parsley there) & Century Egg soup

My choice is always the Cilantro (they call it Parsley there) & Century Egg soup with the thicker vermicelli (米線), fish puffs, and basa fillet.

As usual there’s tons of napa cabbage and tofu puffs in this.  I like the soup here much more than that of Deer Garden ‘cuz the version here is less salty.  Much much less.  It tasted more authentic.  They also put more of your own chosen toppings too.

Cattle Cafe: Cajun-style Boneless Chicken on Rice

I guess M wasn’t much of a soup noodle person.  Her choice was the Cajun-style Boneless Chicken on Rice.  It was actually very very good.

I like how they give you tons of sauce.  Now the sauce tastes just a lil’ bit like Thousand Island sauce but the “cajun” was still there.  It was slightly spicy.

The chicken was done very well.  It was crispy and moist.  My only complaint would be that they didn’t give a lot of veggies on the side.  But it’s an Asian restaurant.  What did I expect eh~

Cattle Cafe: XO Sauce Pan-fried Turnip Cake

M also ordered the XO Sauce Pan-fried Turnip Cake.  Man this was so good.  It was done quite perfectly in that the sides were just the right amount of crispy and they definitely didn’t skimp on the XO sauce either.  For me it was quite spicy but I could stop eating it either.  They pan-fried it along with some garlic bits and onion slivers which were an awesome touch.

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Sunway Restaurant 三味

It’s been a while huh.  Not gonna lie it’s been a busy busy summer for sure.  Hopefully I’ll get back to the groove of blogging again~  Here goes!

Sunway Restaurant

My good good friend Jon and I were trying to decide on a place for dinner.  At first we were going to go back to West Lake but once we got to Empire Centre, I remembered Sunway, and I’ve always wanted to try their Salt & Pepper chicken, so there we went!

Sunway Restaurant: Salt & Pepper Chicken

They have probably the cheapest Salt & Pepper Chicken around, at only $4.50.  It was hella good.  Fresh, large gobs of juicy, moist, succulent white meat.  The deep-fried basil leaves were really really good too.  It was absolutely delicious.  Again I must emphasize, these were LARGE PIECES of actual meat, not skin or batter.  A must try/order/eat!!!

Sunway Restaurant: Beef Roll

Another this we ordered was the Beef Roll.  It seems like it was deep-fried which meant it was really really good also.  The pastry part was flaky, and there was a lot of meat in it.  It could’ve been wrapped a bit better though.  But again, a must order.

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陽光屋 Sunshine Cafe

Sunshine Cafe

L and I really felt like have bubble tea after work one weekend.  She really wanted to go to Crystal Mall.  However, I was scared.  It was the weekend.  At Crystal Mall.  But I sucked it up and drove there.  However after walking around the food court a few times, we still couldn’t pick anything, so L suggested this one restaurant on the ground floor.  And that’s Sunshine Cafe, a Taiwanese restaurant.

Sunshine Cafe: Noodles in Soup, Deep-fried drumstick, and Wintermelon drink

I think most of their meals come with either a drink or soup.  Since I’m already having noodle with soup, I picked the drink.  They’re supposed to have a daily drink, but I suspect it’s actually the same everyday.  Today it’s a Wintermelon drink.  It was nice a refreshing.

Sunshine Cafe: Deep-fried drumstick

I picked the Deep-fried drumstick.  It was sliced in an interesting way in that it became a “T” shape!  It kind of tasted like salt & pepper chicken but it was fried like KFC.  It tasted great!  Not too salty, very crispy.  I only wish it were bigger.

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Bubble Queen’s 7 Flavor Mochi

EDIT: Just so anyone’s interested, the hours for Bubble Queen are as follows: M-Thu 2-8pm, F-Sat 2-12am, Sun 2-6pm.

If you can’t tell already, my favorite BBT place is Bubble Queen.  Honestly, I’ve had an assortment of drinks from them and I’ve NOT had a miss yet.

But it may not be obvious but they actually serve an assortment of non-beverage items too.  Recently they’ve come out with some stuffed mochi/rice ball things.

Bubble Queen: mochi/rice ball things

I think they’re more like tong yuen .  There are a total of 7 flavors: Chocolate, Matcha, Strawberry, Mango, Taro, Sesame, and Coconut.

Bubble Queen: mochi/rice ball things

And each are stuffed with a flavor.  Chocolate with chocolate, Matcha with red bean, Strawberry with white choco, Mango with mango, Taro with black sesame, Sesame with black sesame, and Coconut with black sesame.

Bubble Queen: mochi/rice ball things

So I ordered one for Boyfriend’s Mom.  That being said, I didn’t actually get to taste them.  They are interesting though and I will for sure try them myself another time.  Boyfriend’s Mom and Dad seemed to enjoy them though.

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